CinemaSins Reveals Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman

Critics and fans may have loved Wonder Woman, but that still doesn't mean it's without sin according to CinemaSins. How many sins did the Amazon get?

CinemaSins didn’t get around to covering Wonder Woman back when the movie first came out in June, but with the Amazon now back in theaters for Justice League, now is a pretty timely moment to look at the DCEU’s most popular movie to date.

Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice were both extremely divisive, so many fans had no complaints about seeing those movies lambasted and picked apart. But with Wonder Woman generally regarded as a solid movie, you have to wonder what CinemaSins has to say about it.

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A glimpse at the true feelings of CinemaSins seems evident in the description of their video for Wonder Woman, where they say, “Wonder Woman was one of 2017's best summer movies. There... I said it. (pause). Now onto its sins...” So does that mean they’ll take it easy on attributing sins to the movie? Anyone who knows CinemaSins knows the answer to that is no. Less than fifteen seconds into the video and they already assign a sin to Wonder Woman for being part of DC Comics. Then immediately afterwards it racks up another sin simply for “narration,” followed shortly after by a sin for an armadillo being in the movie. CinemaSins does typically include some genuine criticism in their videos along with the jokes, though, so not all of the sins are silly.

Among the legitimate criticisms offered in the video are why Steve Trevor needed to blow himself up instead of just flying the plane filled with Doctor Poison’s toxin to an unpopulated area and setting a charge to detonate it. Also, there’s the question of what Diana wound up doing with the woman whose dress she stole to get into the party where she thought Ares would be.

All total, Wonder Woman winds up with 99 sins marked to it in just under 14 minutes. With the critical acclaim the movie received there will no doubt be some pushback against CinemaSins on this one, but that’s nothing they are not already used to. Many have had criticisms for CinemaSins’ style, including director Jordan Vogt-Roberts over the summer, who defended his work on Kong: Skull Island after CinemaSins tackled the movie. CinemaSins seems to be aware of the limitations of their analysis, though, and have even done a video tallying up the sins against their own YouTube channel.

All in all, Wonder Woman got off pretty light in terms of legitimate grievances brought up by CinemaSins. The majority of the sins were jokes about things like stylistic choices, so the movie fared pretty well, especially in comparison to what CinemaSins had to say about other DC films like Suicide Squad. So it looks like even when looking for nitpicks, Wonder Woman holds up. We’ll see if she can make a trend of that as she returns in Justice League this week, a movie that will surely be the subject of a future CinemaSins video.

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Source: CinemaSins

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