Wonder Woman Is Chris Hemsworth's Favorite Movie of 2017

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth, has offered high praise for DC's blockbuster Wonder Woman, calling it his favorite movie of the year so far. It's a sentiment that many comic book movie fans would probably share, seeing that Patty Jenkins' acclaimed origin story earned rave reviews upon release and broke box office records. Giving the DC Extended Universe the shot in the arm it needed, Wonder Woman is seen by many as a turning point for the franchise, which hopefully has entered a new era follow its rocky, divisive beginnings.

Moviegoers like to play up a rivalry between Marvel and DC (for better or worse), but those involved with the films view each other more as colleagues than competition. Previously, Kevin Feige has gone on record calling Wonder Woman's impressive success "awesome," expressing hope it paved the way for great things for 2019's Captain Marvel. Now, another member of the MCU family is complimenting Diana of Themyscira - the Son of Odin himself.

In an interview with MTV following Marvel's extensive Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Hemsworth was asked about the famous "Ranking of the Chris'" and if he can get ahead of Chris Pine later this year following Pine's performance as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman:

"I have such love and admiration for all Chris’ on the planet and all superheroes, including Wonder Woman. I think that’s my favorite film this year. It’s incredible. They did such a good job."

Thor Wonder Woman

It's easy to see why Hemsworth feels this way, as there was much about Wonder Woman for fans to enjoy. Jenkins (who was originally going to helm Thor: The Dark World) did an excellent job translating the world of Themyscira and Amazonian culture to the big screen, buoyed by strong turns from the cast. After what amounted to scene-stealing cameos in Batman V Superman, Gal Gadot proved herself as Diana and is poised to be one of the faces of the franchise moving forward. And of course, Hemsworth's fellow Chris, Pine, was admirable as Trevor, providing Wonder Woman with a touching human element and large amounts of heart. Steve and Wonder Woman's relationship was the core of film, giving each character a compelling arc to go along with the thrilling action and set pieces.

The enthusiasm for Wonder Woman gave Warner Bros. the confidence to fast track the sequel, which just secured a December 2019 release date. Time will tell what the story will entail, but the script is already being worked on and the rest of the pieces should fall into place in the near future. Whether the followup is set in the 1980s or takes place in the present day, there will be many lining up to see Diana's adventures on the big screen - including Hemsworth.

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Source: MTV

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