Wonder Woman Cast Responds to Internet Trolls

It's safe to say that Wonder Woman is the queen of the film industry right now, but that doesn't keep it insulated from some of the drama that tends to arrise on the internet, particularly through social media. Thankfully, the cast and crew of Wonder Woman don't have any time for that nonsense and responded to the claims of several "trolls" in a video interview.

With the release of any popular film comes the inevitable backlash from people who disagree with the masses about the film. One of the great things about film is it's subjective nature, that everyone can have their own unique opinion and debate with others about those opinions. Then there are the groups that ruin this dialogue, the trolls who attack widely liked properties for asinine and childish reasons.

The staff at recently gathered some of the more interesting claims and read them off to the cast of the new film to get their thoughts on the comments. Their reactions are about what you would expect:

The video seems very much inspired by late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets segment, where celebrities read aloud personal digs levied at them by anonymous keyboarders on Twitter. Instead of personal attacks on the actors, these trolls are attacking the Wonder Woman hero herself, criticizing things like her outfit, her weapons, her superpowers and her villains. The comments aren't very detailed or sophisticated, sometimes even resorting to grade school insults like "dumb" and "stupid".

Credit goes to Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Danny Huston, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and director Patty Jenkins for delivering the most measured responses as possible to the comments. They are for sure bewildered by some of these blunt criticisms, but they don't hurl many insults back, and they respond to the comments in a respectful way.

Over the course of Wonder Woman's journey to the big screen, an odd number of specific criticisms have been levied in its direction, with a few attacks specifically targeting Gal Gadot. Some fans, preferring the unrealistic proportions of some variations of the character, have criticized her for her own shape, particularly her bust size, while others took issue with her armpits, particularly their lack of hair. While these are some of the more odd attacks on the film, Gadot and Pine weren't afraid to address those topics head on.

Instead of taking the criticisms seriously, it's fun to see Gadot and Pine laugh them off, literally, with Pine claiming he's actually the one that wrote the original armpit hit piece in question. The chemistry and camaraderie shown between Pine and Gadot in these videos is a great indication of one of the reasons the movie was such a success, and doubtless played a role into one of the movie's best scenes, which we now know took advantage of that chemistry with the two leads improvising the dialogue.

The cast and crew of Wonder Woman have also seen their film face some online controversy and trolling throughout the press tour. In particular, some factions of internet commenters have not been happy with theater chain Alamo Drafthouse hosting all-female screenings of the film to celebrate its release. The screenings subsequently sold out despite backlash from a few unhappy and unappeasable parties.

Wonder Woman is one of the oldest and most influential superheroes of all-time, and she paved the way for a lot of the modern day superheroes. To deny her influence and to pettily attack the core of what makes the character special seems silly, especially if these trolls enjoy the history of other superheroes. For those who don't have a problem giving into the Wonder Woman phenomenon, the film is in theaters now, where it is enjoying a particularly lucrative second weekend.

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