Wonder Woman's Brother 'Jason' Joins DC Comics

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for DC's Darkseid War


After much anticipation, DC's Wonder Woman has finally found her long lost twin brother, Jason - the son of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta. Technically, Diana's younger twin brother. The shocking twist has been a long time coming, with comic legend and current head of DC Films Geoff Johns planting the seeds ahead of DC's massively successful Rebirth relaunch. Needless to say, the idea that Diana wasn't the only child born on the island of Themyscira, only the daughter that Hippolyta kept for herself has already ruffled more than a few feathers. Of course, that's never stopped Johns before.

This story started with the truth of Diana's natural birth coming to light (not molded from clay as she was originally told), before she was sidetracked onto some incredible Rebirth adventures. But the time has finally come for her to deal with her brother. That will be a story much larger than anyone could have guessed when Jason's existence was first revealed, now that a vicious killer is hunting down the children of Zeus - and has set their sights on the only son of the Amazons next.

That killer? A teenage version of Darkseid. So yeah, fans aren't going to want to miss what happens next.

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Wonder Woman's Secret Twin Brother

The revelation that Diana was not an only child came in the closing moments of the "Darkseid War" storyline, when she had the chance to hear the final words of a woman who had once been a loyal assassin of Queen Hippolyta. Not only had this assassin, Myrina, given birth to her own daughter the same night Diana came into the world, but she had witnessed it firsthand. Witnessed the birth of Diana... and the twin brother who soon followed. She heard only that this brother had been named Jason before fleeing the island, unsure even if the boy had lived, been killed soon after to keep the secret, or been banished into the world unaware of his true lineage.

Even without knowing the answers to those questions (but clearly assuming the boy grew into a man, or else there's no real story), Diana soon focused her attention on other crises. Strangely enough, it isn't Jason, or even another Amazon who finally gives Diana her first lead to her brother's identity. It's Hercules, having also lived out his life in total secrecy and isolation, until a killer in pursuit of his divine energy came calling (here's where the teenage Darkseid comes in). Hercules is killed, but leaves his belongings and will to Diana. And that includes the last known whereabouts of her brother, Jason.

It turns out Hercules already knew that the boy had big things in his future. Big, but not necessarily good.

Brother & Sister Are Reunited

In the latest Wonder Woman #33 the story has yet to progress beyond Diana's discovery of Jason, working on a fishing boat as part of his humble life on the coast of the Aegean Sea. The bad news is that Darkseid knows Jason's whereabouts as well. The even worse news is that Darkseid's daughter, Grail, is now working with the father she tried to kill in "Darkseid War." And even if the comic has yet to confirm our suspicions, it seems strange for her to suddenly forget the entire reason that anyone found out about Jason in the first place. It was all part of a prophecy Grail tried to bring to fruition, and now seems poised to succeed where she was sabotaged before.

The prophecy spoke of the first man to set foot on Themyscira being ‘The Chosen One.’ What that man would be "Chosen" for was never revealed, but the plot failed when Steve Trevor was finally revealed to be the second man on Themyscira - Jason being the first. Grail may claim to be working in full partnership with her father, but the true 'Chosen One' being dropped into her lap may be too tempting for her to resist.

Add in the fact that Jason may share blood with Diana, but not necessarily her heroism or unwavering constitution, and the DC Universe could have a problem on its hands. How will Jason respond to learning he's the son of Zeus and Hippolyta? Does he already know? What secret prophecy may he be able to complete or resist?

All these questions and more will hopefully be answered in the weeks to come. Assuming Grail doesn't succeed in conquering the world before then.

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Wonder Woman #33 is available now.

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