Wonder Woman Has Best 3rd Weekend for a DCEU Movie

With its third weekend at the box office, Wonder Woman has set another record for the DC Extended Universe. The news is just the latest in a long string of positive stories coming from Wonder Woman, which has shattered even the highest of box office predictions since it opened in theaters earlier this month. The film - which gave Gal Gadot her first real chance to shine as Diana Prince on the big screen - was the Wonder Woman live-action standalone adventure that many fans had been waiting decades to see on the big screen, and one that managed to live up to the mighty high expectations surrounding it.

Set seventy years before the events of either Man of Steel or Batman v Superman, the film picked up with Gadot's Diana when a World War I fighter pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), crash lands on the shores of her magically secluded Amazonian island, Themyscira. Upon learning of the war that threatens to completely tear humanity apart, Wonder Woman follows Diana as she journeys to the outside world for the first time, and is forced to face the horrors of war up close and personal in a way she had never quite expected.

Now, Variety is reporting that Wonder Woman has now achieved the highest third weekend at the box office of any DCEU movie to date. The superhero film is currently projected to bring in $40.7 million from 4,018 locations, marking only a 32% drop from its total in the previous weekend. If this is the case, then this will also give Wonder Woman the second-best third weekend of any DC Comics film to date, just behind The Dark Knight's $42.7 million from 2008.

Wonder Woman Lilly Aspell Connie Nielsen

In case that achievement wasn't already enough too, it's worth noting that Wonder Woman's projected $40.7 million this weekend is also almost double as much as any other DCEU film has made in its third weekend up until this point. Last year, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad raked in $23.4 million and $20.8 million in their third weekends, respectively, while Man of Steel only grabbed $20.7 million back in 2013, firmly putting Wonder Woman on the top of all the other DCEU heroes for the time being, yet again.

Wonder Woman hasn't just been welcomed with open arms financially either, with almost the entire entertainment industry at this point, coming forward publicly in support of the Patty Jenkins-directed film. Former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter didn't waste time heaping praise upon it, with Lupita Nyong'o and a whole slew of Marvel Cinematic Universe stars also coming forward in the days after the film's initial release to share their own positive reactions to it. So to say that Wonder Woman has made an impact pop culturally already would be an understatement, and fortunately, it doesn't look like its presence at the box office will be going away anytime soon.

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Source: Variety

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