Wonder Woman Tuesday Box Office is Second Best Ever for June

DC Extended Universe blockbuster Wonder Woman enjoyed the second best Tuesday U.S. box office turnout ever for June, in its first week of theatrical release. Following a whirlwind premiere weekend that the saw the new movie directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot secure over $200 million worldwide in ticket sales,  things continue to look on the up and up for the Warner Bros. Pictures superhero movie.

Statistically situated to bolster the reputation of the DCEU, Wonder Woman is quickly becoming the kind of critical success story that fellow DCEU films Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad simply weren't, when they hit theaters last year. Thus far, both Jenkins and Gadot have come forward to thank fans for making Wonder Woman a success right off the bat, and the latest update on the film's box office performance suggests that positive outlook isn't fading, either.

According to Deadline, Jenkins and company are continuing to exceed expectations during the working week after taking in another $14.4 million at the Tuesday box office - a record for June that puts Wonder Woman behind the likes of Jurassic World at $24.3 million. Heading into its second weekend in wide release, Warner Bros. is additionally expected to trounce newcomer Universal Pictures and its own Dark Universe franchise starter, The Mummy, at the domestic box office.

Wonder Woman is currently predicted to generate another $60 million at the box office this weekend - compared to an expected $35-$40 million opener for The Mummy - and as such, the DCEU finally appears to be swinging for the fences alongside the likes of the competing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Aside from the forthcoming independent horror film It Comes at Night, it's more likely than not that the vast majority of moviegoing audiences will be turning out for the Jenkins-directed film in large numbers for the second week in a row.

Alongside several other contemporary movies based on seminal DC Comics properties with outstanding Tuesday box office numbers, Wonder Woman ranks third. Standing behind the likes of The Dark Knight at $20.9 million, The Dark Knight Rises at $17.8 million, and Suicide Squad at $14.26 million, Jenkins and company have delivered a real tour de force with the Gadot led comic book action-adventure. Wonder Woman's impact on pop culture will only continue to be all the more popular a topic of discussion, among general film buffs and die-hard superhero fans alike, for it.

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Source: Deadline

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