Wonder Woman Projected for $65-100 Million Opening [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Deadline and THR are reporting Wonder Woman is projected to make $65 million in its opening. The original article follows


The latest box office projections for Wonder Woman's opening weekend indicate the film will bring in $100 million during its first three days domestically. It goes without saying that there's a lot riding on the movie's success, as it's the first installment of the DC Extended Universe to reach theaters following a divisive 2016 that saw Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad split audiences and critics. Many are hoping Wonder Woman can be the bona fide hit the franchise needs to reestablish some forward momentum, and the various marketing materials have done a good job of drumming up excitement for the project.

One of the biggest questions that remain is how well it will perform at the box office; the mixed results of the previous DCEU entries have left a sour taste in some mouths, but enthusiasm is high for a female-led, female-directed superhero film. About a month ago, the original commercial estimates pegged Wonder Woman at $80 million for its Stateside debut, but as its release date draws nearer, it looks like it will earn considerably more than that.

A report from The Wrap states tracking is now pointing to an opening weekend in the range of $105-115 million, which would be in the ballpark of Man of Steel's $116.6 million start. Sources tell the outlet $100 million is the goal for Warner Bros., as it would rank higher than many of Marvel's non-May releases like Doctor Strange ($85 million) and even Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($95 million). Though Wonder Woman will likely fall short of Dawn of Justice, that's no real concern for the studio since Patty Jenkins' film has a reported production budget of $100 million - a relatively cost-effective amount in this day and age. Batman V Superman, in contrast, was made for a staggering $250 million, so it needed to gross much more in order to be considered a success.

DC movies have become notorious for sizable second weekend declines (mainly due to poor word-of-mouth), but both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were able to stay afloat because they didn't face much competition during their runs. Wonder Woman, coming out in the heat of summer, won't be so lucky. Universal's The Mummy reboot starring Tom Cruise comes out on June 9 and Pixar's Cars 3 follows the week after. Both of those should do well commercially and challenge Wonder Woman for the top spot on the charts. It's important for DC's latest to get off to a fast start and earns as much as it can in the beginning, and fortunately it's poised to do just that. And if Wonder Woman earns favorable reviews, it'll be in great shape.

WB also scored a major win recently when it was announced Wonder Woman would receive a Chinese release date, meaning it will play in the world's second-largest film market. It's hard to envision a scenario where the movie fails to turn a considerable profit for the studio, so they should have another box office hit on their hands when the movie finally opens. Fans have waited more than 75 years for Wonder Woman to get her own big screen vehicle, so it's safe to say they will come out in full support of Diana Prince.

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Source: The Wrap

Update Source: Deadline, THR

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