Wonder Woman Passes $400 Million At International Box Office

Wonder Woman reached another milestone over the weekend by eclipsing the $400 million mark in ticket sales at the international box office. Starring Gal Gadot in the titular role, the Patty Jenkins-directed superhero blockbuster was a hit out of the gate domestically, earning more than $100 million in its debut weekend in June.

While Wonder Woman has continued to bring in huge audiences stateside and crossing the $400 million mark earlier this month, the DC Extended Universe adventure has also picked up major steam overseas - and is still opening in some foreign territories.

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According to Deadline, Wonder Woman debuted in Japan over the weekend with an impressive take of $3.4 million on 598 screens, which accounted for almost all of the film's overseas box office total of $3.5 million. As a result, the strong opening in Japan was enough to push Wonder Woman's running take overseas to $400 million total. The publication pointed out that Wonder Woman's $3.4 million in Japan was bigger than most male-dominated superhero movies, doubling the takes of such films as Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers and Thor in their opening weekend in the country.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman movie

The $400 million milestone internationally comes one week after Wonder Woman crossed the $800 million mark globally. Together with its running domestic total of $406.2 million, the film has earned $806.2 million at the global box office thus far. Stateside, Wonder Woman earned  $1.685 million over the weekend at 2,210 locations for a 13th place finish.

The theater-count actually increased from the week before, since Warner Bros. took advantage of the summer movie season slowdown and re-released Wonder Woman in several IMAX locations. It's also likely that the film's weekend take also bolstered by the publicity generated over director James Cameron's controversial comments that Wonder Woman was "a step backwards" and that it objectified women (which prompted a terse response from Jenkins).

No matter how much more money Wonder Woman will bring in both domestically and internationally, it will be interesting to see how much momentum of the success of the film will carry over to the release of Justice League in November. Fans should expect Wonder Woman to have a large presence for some time to come, in fact, since the film makes its home video release debut Tuesday on digital and September 19 on Blu-ray. Shortly after that, expect Warner Bros. to launch its Oscar campaign for the film, which, if it yields any nominations, could spawn a theatrical re-release for fans to enjoy the film in all of its big screen wonder once again.

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Source: Deadline

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