Wonder Woman Has Smallest Superhero Friday-to-Friday Box Office Drop Since Spider-Man

Wonder Woman is having a very good second weekend, with a relatively small Friday-to-Friday box office drop.

As the critically acclaimed DC Extended Universe film enters its second weekend, Wonder Woman sees the smallest Friday-to-Friday box office drop for a superhero movie since the Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man from 2002. Relishing in the success that the Patty Jenkins directed production has garnered thus far, viewers who were immediately taken with the Gal Gadot-led comic book feature have secured the Warner Bros. Pictures outing over $300 million in ticket sales worldwide so far.

Widely praised for its empowering story that does full justice to the iconic female superhero, the film is being heralded as a fresh start for the DCEU. On its way to the top of the weekend box office for the second week in a row - newcomer The Mummy is offering limited competition - things are only going stronger for Wonder Woman, and the latest report has the movie setting another record. 

According to Forbes, Wonder Woman made a grand total of $15.8 million on its second Friday in wide release, which puts its Friday-to-Friday box office drop at an impressive 59% - a figure that can be crucially compared to Spider-Man from 2002 which dropped by 49%. And with estimates currently predicting the DCEU movie to reach a $54 million domestic box office draw over the course of the next two days, Jenkins and company are likely in for another wildly lucrative weekend.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Connie Nielsen

Judged against several other superhero features of yesteryear, Wonder Woman is an unusually successful production. Comparatively, The Dark Knight dropped by 65% Friday-to-Friday at the box office in 2008, Iron Man dropped by 61.5% in 2008, and The Avengers dropped by 63% in 2012. Doctor Strange performed slightly better with a 57% drop last year, but was bolster by its second weekend falling on Veteran's Day. Compared to previous films in the franchise, this is very positive and likely to result of those highly positive reviews.

Wonder Woman has now officially outperformed the likes of its immediate predecessors within the DCEU feature franchise, with its only superiors in terms of a box office sustainability coming in the form of Disney live-action fairy tales and animated features like Beauty and the Beast - which dropped by 48% in its second week.

The long-term potential of the film has been a major topic of discussion, but these sort of numbers show that Jenkins' film has real legs, with it expected to surpass Man of Steel globally when all is said and done.

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Source: Forbes

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