Wonder Woman is the Top-Grossing DCEU Movie at the U.S. Box Office

Wonder Woman continues to fly past its DCEU siblings at the box office and will soon take the top domestic spot for the franchise.

Wonder Woman continues to dominate at the box office, with the latest numbers putting it in the top domestic spot for the DCEU. While each of Warner Bros. and DC's four films to date have posted strong numbers at the box office, only Wonder Woman has enjoyed positive acclaim from both a majority of fans and critics. As such, Wonder Woman is the first all-around hit for the burgeoning shared universe.

Later this year, Justice League will attempt to replicate the success of Wonder Woman, but the origin of Princess Diana is going to be hard to beat. After debuting strong, the movie has had unprecedented longevity, especially at the domestic box office. Just a few days ago it crossed the $300 million mark before finishing the weekend strong for the fourth week in a row. Even more impressive, but those numbers have been despite the emergence of other heavy-hitters like Transformers: The Last Knight and Cars 3. Now, Wonder Woman has even bested its series sibling.

Gitesh Pandya, the editor of Box Office Guru, has just posted the latest numbers for Wonder Woman following last night's box office receipts. Pulling in $3.9 million Tuesday, it's now sitting on a domestic total of $325.1M. That updated haul pushes it just beyond Suicide Squad's $325M, with estimates stating it will shoot past Batman v Superman's $330M tomorrow. With only $291M, the movie is already well ahead of Man of Steel's total.

The totals are even more impressive considering the film still has plenty of room to grow at home and abroad. Heading into its fifth week, it's only been in theaters half as long as Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which has still yet to bow out.

Meanwhile, the DCEU film managed to blow past the Tuesday previews for Baby Driver's debut. While the tentpole certainly has more attention than Edgar Wright's original film, it's still impressive considering how long Wonder Woman has been in theaters. Thanks to strong word of mouth, Wonder Woman has continued to perform well each weekend, and it doesn't look to be slowing down at too quick of a rate.

Even before these new totals, Wonder Woman has already helped make the film the highest earner for a live-action film directed by a single woman, helping to smash a number of baseless assumptions about the film industry. Meanwhile, even Marvel's Kevin Feige has praised the film's success and how it upends similar theories about female superhero-led films.

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Source: Gitesh Pandya

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