Wonder Woman Passes $300 Million at Worldwide Box Office

Wonder Woman is off to a great start in theaters, having already crossed the $300 million mark at the worldwide box office. The Gal Gadot-led and Patty Jenkins-directed superhero film has been a long time in the making, with audiences anxiously awaiting the arrival of Wonder Woman's solo movie. It's fitting that Wonder Woman made her solo movie debut on the 75th anniversary of the character's creation - and Warner Bros. can be nothing less than pleased with how the film is performing so far.

Wonder Woman started making waves immediately with it crushing the Thursday night previews and went on to be the biggest opening weekend of all-time for a film with a female director. It was able to cross the $100 million milestone domestically in its first weekend at the U.S. box office alone, and surpassed expectations at the worldwide box office during the same frame. The film isn't slowing down yet, either.

Forbes has confirmed that after a solid Wednesday across the world, Wonder Woman has formally grossed over $300 million worldwide. Thanks to the continued high interest in the film, it is not unreasonable to think Wonder Woman could outgross Man of Steel worldwide, when all is said and done. In terms of other milestones for female directors, Wonder Woman would become the highest-grossing such film domestically, should it pass $309 million here in the States. With its domestically total currently sitting near $140M domestically ahead of its second weekend - one that could see Wonder Woman take in another $60 million - it has a strong chance of accomplishing this feat.

There is no denying that Wonder Woman will be a financially successful film when everything is said and done. It has a reported budget of $150 million, so it should be close to turning a profit after its current global box office total alone. In addition, if the film does become the biggest domestic hit for a female director ever, it would indeed beat Man of Steel at the domestic box office too, in the process.

The more money the film makes, the better the prospects will be for not only a sequel to secure a green-light, but also for Wonder Woman to have a bigger role in the DC Extended Universe moving forward. There is already support for her to be the face of the DCEU and leader of the Justice League as the universe progresses. Plus, with Patty Jenkins not yet signed for Wonder Woman 2, the more money this film makes only gives her more leverage as she begins negotiations with WB. At this point, it looks like she'll be able to ask for whatever she wants in terms of creative control and more.

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Source: Forbes

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