Wonder Woman Beats Darkseid With The Power Of Love

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman #45

A final battle between Wonder Woman and Darkseid has been brewing for multiple issues in the world of DC comics, and this week, Diana gets the upper hand by using her power of... love? Earlier in the current run, fans were introduced to the true extent of Diana's previously-unknown family's status, including her father, Zeus and her brother, Jason. Sadly, Zeus was killed battling Darskseid back in Wonder Woman #37, helping Darkseid to regain his full power (while also eliminating the one Old God powerful enough to challenge him).

In recent issues, Darkseid and his daughter, Grail, reappeared with a new plan to get Darkseid back on the throne of Apokolips. To do it, he would need an army of particularly powerful parademons... formed from the women warriors of Themyscira. In Wonder Woman #44, Darkseid was able to combine ancient artifacts and new technology to open a portal to Wonder Woman's home and turn the Amazons into his new Parademon Army.

Things didn't look good for the Amazons of the DC Comics Universe, with Diana fighting for a shot at Darkseid, which... it didn't really seem possible for her to win.

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This week, Wonder Woman #45 opens with Wonder Woman (and her trusty Steve Trevor) doing battle on their side of the portal, while Jason and their mother Queen Hippolyta duke it out with Grail on Themyscira. Hippolyta is obviously more than a match for Darkseid's daughter, but Darkseid knows just how to prey on Diana's own insecurities and doubts. As he fights, he taunts, claiming Wonder Woman couldn't beat him with the entire Justice League by her side. On her own, he is tempted to turn her into one of his hunger dog slaves, and "flay your beauty off you."

Predictably, the only thing that ends up being able to defeat such hate is also Diana's specialty: love.

Refusing to fight him with darkness, Wonder Woman reaches out to the spiritual connection (and blood connection) she shares with her godly family, convinced that they must still exist even after Darkseid absorbed their essence. It's a good theory, as they all come bursting forth from the villain in a ghostly group, seemingly taking down Darkseid in the process. It's a fitting end to this arc (for the time being), as Wonder Woman gets to have a final goodbye with her father, and to prove that she can take down someone as powerful as Darkseid without the Justice League backing her up.

The fact that she does it using love rather than brute force is fitting for both the character and the recent focus on her family. Wonder Woman's love-attack managed to stop things for now, this definitely isn't the end for Darkseid...

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Wonder Woman #45 is available now from DC Comics.

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