Wonder Woman Role in the Cards for Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Wonder Woman

Thanks to various ways the internet is used, there seemingly continues to be more ways to find news about any topic, movies included. Recently, there has been a big pattern to discovering news about the DC Extended Universe before anything is official by looking at the social media activity of DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns. Previous findings have led to speculation that Joe Manganiello was in line for a role, which have since been confirmed with him as Deathstroke, while Rick Famuyiwa was discovered to be in line for a director job as well, prior to him leaving The Flash.

However, this has not had a perfect track record with speculation running wild that Armie Hammer has joined the world, something that is still possible but not yet confirmed. Most recently, fans who stalked Johns' Twitter saw him follow new director of The Batman Matt Reeves before it was confirmed he got the job. Now, the latest case of social media sleuthing has led to possibly uncovering a role for Arnold Schwarzenegger in Wonder Woman.

Comicbook discovered that Johns and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins recently followed Arnold Schwarzenegger on Twitter, which has kicked off speculation that he could have a role in the film. This is merely a rumor at this point, so there is still a strong possibility that he could not be in the film and both following him is coincidental. If this does pan out, it would mark his second role in a DC film after playing Mister Freeze in Batman & Robin.

Ares from DC comics in his armor

Operating under the assumption that Schwarzenegger does have a role in Wonder Woman that would just now require him to be involved could point to a significant role in the third act of the film. According to previous reports, Ares is truly the main villain of the film. Speculation has run wild that Ares could have both a human form that is played by a different actor before he makes a transformation that could then require the talents of the former Terminator.

If Schwarzenegger is going to portray a different version of Ares, he could only provide the voice for the god of war or go a step further and do the motion capture as well. Wonder Woman has a strong cast, but adding Schwarzenegger would arguably be their biggest get so far. His voice and figure could work perfectly with playing a villain that can match Wonder Woman's power set. His addition at this stage should not be a cause for concern either as this could be a completely CG portrayal, allowing a simple insertion of the character into scenes that have already been shot.

If this is the role that he will play or should he play a different role entirely, hopefully, Warner Bros. will not make the same mistake they did with the Doomsday reveal in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers and reveal Schwarzenegger's look. Saving that reveal for the theaters would add a surprise to the film for those that aren't following the rumors too closely.

Source: Comicbook

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