Wonder Woman: Austin Mayor Defends Women-Only Screenings

Following the controversial letter penned to the Mayor's office in Austin regarding the exclusive Wonder Woman showing for women, Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler actually took the time to reply to the email with equal parts humor and candor. He fires back at the man who called to boycott the city because of the special screenings put together by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in the state capital. As reported last week, some men were quite unhappy when the chain of theaters announced that they are organizing special screenings across the U.S. in celebration of the release of the film.

In the email written by Richard A. Ameduri, he urges every man to boycott the city "and do what he can to diminish Austin and to cause damage to the city’s image." The lengthy letter went on to point out some offensive ideas about women whom he says "accept the appearance of achievement without actual achievement." He then continues to ramble about how women mask gender equality as a way to get the upper hand and also called the “women’s movement” as a hypocrisy.

Adler, for his part, wrote a published letter on Thursday directly responding to Ameduri's which is currently posted on the city's official website. In his answer, the politician even suggested the notion that Ameduri's account was hacked given how offensive some of the points he had written on his letter and how unabashed he is with his mentality.

"Dear Mr. Ameduri,

I am writing to alert you that your email account has been hacked by an unfortunate and unusually hostile individual. Please remedy your account’s security right away, lest this person’s uninformed and sexist rantings give you a bad name. After all, we men have to look out for each other!

Can you imagine if someone thought that you didn’t know women could serve in our combat units now without exclusion? What if someone thought you didn’t know that women invented medical syringes, life rafts, fire escapes, central and solar heating, a war-time communications system for radio-controlling torpedoes that laid the technological foundations for everything from Wi-Fi to GPS, and beer? And I hesitate to imagine how embarrassed you’d be if someone thought you were upset that a private business was realizing a business opportunity by reserving one screening this weekend for women to see a superhero movie.

You and I are serious men of substance with little time for the delicate sensitivities displayed by the pitiful creature who maligned your good name and sterling character by writing that abysmal email.  I trust the news that your email account has been hacked does not cause you undue alarm and wish you well in securing your account. And in the future, should your travels take you to Austin, please know that everyone is welcome here, even people like those who wrote that email whose views are an embarrassment to modernity, decency, and common sense.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Adler"

Wonder Woman Tank Poster Cropped

So far, Ameduri has yet to respond to Mayor Adler's letter. But given how eloquent and perfectly crafted the public servant's email is, it is more likely that Ameduri will no longer retaliate and just drop the subject altogether. Although it is not entirely impossible that he would drag this on basing from how impassioned he sounded on his original message.

The Alamo Drafthouse franchise has also had its fair share of bashers regarding their decision to hold women-only showings of Wonder Woman. But just like Mayor Adler, the theater also responded with snarky and witty posts on their Facebook and Twitter accounts defending their move.

While it is a shame to see some people still viewing females as a second-rate gender, it is also great to find those who genuinely work towards a society where everyone regardless of gender, religion and race have the ability to freely celebrate themselves. It is very fitting that a film that celebrates female empowerment like Wonder Woman brings together people against those who continue to oppress others for the sole reason that they think they are better than them. The film actually highlights that quite well. The difference, however, is that the movie is set all the way back to 1918 and a lot of societal changes has already happened over the last 100 years. If anything Chris Pine's Steve Trevor's masculinity was not diminished at all by working with the arguably more powerful Amazonian princess played by Gal Gadot.

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