Wonder Woman Action Figure Reveals Ares' Final Form

Ares from DC comics in his armor

Action figures and other movie-related merchandise have become a potential source of spoilers for upcoming blockbusters. This is especially true of films featuring superheroes, as toys, statues, and other collectibles related to the project inevitably flood the market to help increase the revenue streams of studios and the gigantic corporations that own them. But in the push to get these items to retailers and make the toy-buying public aware of them long before they find their way to store shelves, these relatively innocent playthings can sometimes reveal aspects of a film that may have otherwise remained a secret.

That's certainly the case with Toy Fair 2017, which has unveiled a look at a number of upcoming summer event movies, from Transformers: The Last Knight to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman solo film. As has been the case with everything from Lego sets to action figure releases, details about the movie in question are inevitably revealed -- or at least heavily implied, such as the good look at Star-Lord's father in human form (i.e., Kurt Russell) the aforementioned Guardians toys provided just a few days ago.

Now, however, it seems that a Toy Fair display for Wonder Woman (via Toyark) has revealed what one of the film's main villains will look like, with an action figure of Ares. The villain has yet to be seen in any of the film's marketing or trailers that have been released to date, suggesting that the studio may have planned to delay showing him until a new trailer could be released, or as a surprise for those in attendance when the film premieres. The latter seems less likely, as the toy reveals an intimidating figure with a skull for a helmet that practically screams "primary antagonist", something Warners would be eager to show off in its marketing.

Séan Murphy also posted a photo to his Twitter account:

So that's why they haven't shown the villain yet....

— Seán Murphy (@ReelFada) February 19, 2017

While finer details are often absent from action figures, the overall look of Ares is definitely in keeping with what's been seen with Wonder Woman so far. Trailers and TV spots so far have played up the film's World War I setting and the various period-specific attire appropriate to the supporting cast, it has also shown how dramatically different characters native to Diana Prince's home of Themyscira are dressed. The fantastical elements seen in the Amazonian's attire and what has been shown of their world is more on display in the villain's costume design.

What the toy images don't really offer is a sense of scale in terms of just how big Ares will be. Recent reports indicate the character is a blend of CGI and practical effects, suggesting he may  be a more imposing figure than just a man in a frightening helmet. At any rate, it seems that Patty Jenkins and the rest of the Wonder Woman team are aiming to keep Ares as close to his comic book counterpart as possible. That should please comic fans eager to see how he holds up against the heroine.

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Source: Séan Murphy, Toyark

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