Wonder Woman Voted Biggest 2018 Oscar Snub

A new online survey finds that of all the films that were snubbed in Tuesday morning's nominations for the 90th annual Academy Awards, fans are upset about Wonder Woman the most. As the highest grossing film of the 2017 summer movie season – along with critical and industry accolades – Wonder Woman was thought to have a legitimate shot at landing some Oscar nominations Tuesday. Perhaps the most promising indicator that the film would get some Oscar recognition came with the film's Producers Guild of America nomination for Best Picture, since the group's industry membership also includes some members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Alas, when all the names of the films and individual nominees were revealed Tuesday, Wonder Woman was not mentioned once in the major categories like Best Picture, Best Director (for Patty Jenkins) and Best Actress (for Gal Gadot), let alone any of the technical categories like Best Visual Effects or Best Costume Design. The lack of any nominations once again created a void that Wonder Woman felt earlier this awards season, when the film failed to yield any Golden Globe nominations.

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Since Wonder Woman was one of the big films that failed to be nominated by the Oscars Tuesday, movie ticket giant Fandango decided to survey its users to gauge what or who got the biggest snub from the Motion Picture Academy. Of the 1,000 people Fandango surveyed, 39 percent said Wonder Woman was the biggest snub, a whole 29 percent ahead of embattled actor James Franco, whom 10 percent of users thought should have been nominated for Best Actor for The Disaster Artist. Nine percent of those surveyed were upset that Tom Hanks wasn't nominated for The Post, while seven percent felt Jessica Chastain should have gotten a nod for Molly's Game. Rounding out the top five was Martin McDonagh, whom six percent of those surveyed thought should have been nominated for Best Director for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Fandango managing editor Erik Davis said, “Moviegoers are shocked that Wonder Woman was unable to land a single Oscar nomination, considering its huge box office success and positive impact on pop culture."

In addition, moviegoers also were surveyed about their happiest Oscar nomination surprises. The superhero blockbuster Logan's groundbreaking nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay is what users were happiest about with 38 percent of the vote, followed by Daniel Kaluuya's Best Actor nomination for Get Out with 20 percent. In addition, 20 percent of those surveyed were thrilled with Denzel Washington's Best Actor nomination for Roman J. Israel, Esq., while 13 percent were excited by Christopher Plummer's Best Supporting Actor nomination for All the Money in the World. Lesley Manville's nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Phantom Thread got eight percent of the vote.

While many of the films nominated are bound to benefit financially from their Oscar nominations, it's hard to say how much more Wonder Woman would have made with any Oscar recognition, since the film's theatrical run ended in the fall with a massive global box office haul of $821.8 million. Fandango did note, however, that a recent survey found 57 percent of fans claim they would be more interested in seeing a film if it gets an Oscar nomination, so it's possible Wonder Woman would have gained more traction on digital and home video had it been recognized by the Academy.

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Source: Fandango

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