Wonder Woman 2 Working Title May Hint At Film’s Villain

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The working title for Wonder Woman 2 has been revealed and it might be referring to the movie's new villain, Circe. After being curiously snubbed by the Academy Awards despite months of chatter regarding its chances of scoring a nomination, life goes on for the Gal Gadot-led superhero franchise at it gears up to commence principal photography for its sequel.

Not much is known with regard to the story or production of the follow-up flick. But it is reportedly set to once again film in the United Kingdom this summer. A Screen Rant exclusive from last year revealed that much like the first movie, which featured the origin story of Diana, Wonder Woman 2 will also be a period piece, this time, set in the Cold War. Further, Chris Pine is rumored to be returning despite the fact that his character, Steve Trevor, died in the original film.

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Omega Underground reports that Wonder Woman 2's working title will be Magic Hour. The title doesn't sound significant, but it seems like there is more to it than just being randomly picked. As it turns out, it could also be referring to the sequel's villain, Circe. Based on the Greek mythological figure of the same name, the DC's version of the character has been a recurring foe for Diana since she first debuted in 1949 in Wonder Woman Vol. 1, issue 37 written by Robert Kanigher. In the pages of the comics, she basically has a similar set of powers as the Amazonian princess, but she does have a good command of sorcery and has a liking to transforming human beings into animals.

Circe from DC Comics

Over the years, the sorceress has had multiple incarnations, but she basically maintains her characterization as pure evil. And while Cheetah seems to be the popular pick for Wonder Woman's next adversary in her solo outing with the villain's complex origin story, but a complicated villain like her can be saved up for future films in the DC sub-franchise. In the meantime, introducing a straight-up bad guy like Circe, which is almost like an evil version of Diana, can be built up as a recurring character in the movie series.

With Patty Jenkins all set to direct and co-write alongside Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham, we can expect the same kind of tone and thoughtful attention to detail that made Wonder Woman 2's predecessor truly an empowering flick. Gadot, for her part, shared that she's very much interested in exploring more of Diana’s values. The first film made such a huge social impact, especially when it comes to the socially constructed gender roles, and we presume it's once again going to be one of the main focuses in the sequel as we continue to learn more about the Amazonian Princess' journey that led her to become one of the Justice League's core members.

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Source: Omega Underground

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