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Wonder Woman 2's official working title logo goes on full' 80s. Screen Rant broke the news last year that the untitled sequel will be another period piece set during the Cold War - intel that was confirmed by director Patty Jenkins herself. More recently, co-writer Geoff Johns revealed that the flick will specifically take place in 1984 via the reveal of a brand new teaser poster.

The follow-up flick will see the return of Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Goddess as she continues to blend in with the rest of  humanity. While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice established that she walked away from her superhero gig, Justice League retconned the idea, and instead clarified that while she's maintaining a low-profile, she continues to secretly help those in need. The sequel is expected to further clarify Diana's DCEU history as it'll reveal what she has been up to during the early '80s.

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Magic Hour as Wonder Woman 2's working title has been known for quite a while now. But now, its official logo has also been unveiled. courtesy to a Reddit user with the handle thousandlivesreader is a copy of the filming notice in Georgetown. While the statement includes the usual details with regard the upcoming shooting schedule, the main takeaway from the presser is the sequel's brand new working title logo which is very much on-brand in terms of the overall '80s vibe.

Jenkins did an amazing job adapting the gloomy World War I setting to life in the original Wonder Woman flick, not to mention the lush hidden paradise of Themyscira just before Diana joined the rest of civilizations with Steve Trevor. With the '80s setting for Wonder Woman 2, it's interesting what kind of aesthetic the director and her team will adapt this time knowing that there's an ongoing turmoil brewing between the United States and the Soviet Union. The specific decade was full of neon bright lights, electric colors (as seen in the logo) that emanate a sense of fun and vibrant energy. That, in contrast with the ongoing grim mood of the ongoing Cold War will be intriguing to see.

Obviously, aside from the aesthetics, fans are also curious to know what Diana is up to decades after she first left the safety of Themyscira to join the world, as well as how she's holding up with regard to Steve Trevor's death. Despite his character's tragic demise in the first movie, Chris Pine is reportedly coming back to join Wonder Woman 2, although it's unclear at what capacity. Gadot and Pine will be joined by newcomers Kristen Wiig, who will play the movie's primary antagonist, Cheetah, as well as Pedro Pascal in a yet to be confirmed role.

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Source: thousandlivesreader/Reddit

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