Villains We Want to See in Wonder Woman 2

Diana Prince took on Dr. Poison and Ares in her big solo debut - but which comic book villains should appear in Wonder Woman 2?

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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Wonder Woman!


Is it too early to start getting excited about Wonder Woman 2? As DC Films and Warner Bros. bask in the deserved celebration of Wonder Woman's record-setting box office triumph, fueled by the highest Rotten Tomatoes certified fresh rating of any DC superhero film since The Dark Knight, the weekend festivities have already included some announced plans for Wonder Woman 2. Director Patty Jenkins is returning to helm the sequel, which will be set in contemporary times and will bring Gal Gadot's Diana Prince to America once more.

Naturally, with the announcement of Wonder Woman 2 comes speculation of which super villain(s) Diana will face in her second solo film. Wonder Woman and the DC Universe proper have no lack of rogues powerful and dangerous enough to challenge the daughter of Queen Hippolyta - the "Godkiller" who was brought to life by Zeus himself. Some fan-favorite comic book stories that could be adapted also suggest potential adversaries, such as as The First Born, the original son of Zeus and Hera, who faced Wonder Woman in her New 52 run. (However, as Diana defeated her brother Ares in Wonder Woman, maybe facing a second godly brother in her sequel would be redundant). There's also the famous Greg Rucka story "Eyes of the Gorgon," in which Diana blinded herself in order to defeat Medusa (though that story might be a bit too gruesome for young kids).

Here are our suggestions for some Wonder Woman and DC Universe super villains who we'd love to see in Wonder Woman 2.

The Cheetah

Cheetah Fighting Wonder Woman in DC Comics

By virtue of appearing as a member of the Legion of Doom in the Super Friends cartoon as well as in DC Animation's Justice League Unlimited and in her numerous comic book incarnations, the Cheetah became one of Wonder Woman's most well-known foes. The current DC Rebirth version of the Cheetah is perhaps the most likely source of inspiration for a cinematic version: Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva is a British archaeologist with a passion for mythology. She was one of the first to speak ancient Greek to Wonder Woman, and they became friends. When Minerva discovers the Cult of Urzkartaga in Africa, she is bonded to a cheetah god and is transformed into the Cheetah. In Greg Rucka's story arc "The Lies," Wonder Woman seeks Cheetah's help to help her find the missing Themyscira. With Diana banished from Themyscira in Wonder Woman, one scenario could be Diana working with the Dr. Minerva to find a way to return to her home in Wonder Woman 2.

The Cheetah possesses the superhuman strength, speed and endurance of an African cheetah god, making her capable of facing Wonder Woman in battle. Barbara Minerva could be an excellent role for Oscar winner Charlize Theron to take on; allowing her to reunite with Patty Jenkins, her director in Monster, and enter the DCEU in a major way.


Created by Geoff Johns himself in the 2015 "Darkseid War" storyline, Grail was perfectly designed to be Wonder Woman's arch enemy. Grail is Wonder Woman's twisted mirror-opposite, the daughter of an Amazon warrior and Darkseid, the lord of Apokolips. Darkseid is the ultimate Big Bad of the Justice League movie and of the DCEU. Grail is Wonder Woman's  equal in power; herself a demigoddess with superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability, plus she possesses a version of Darkseid's Omega Effect power, as well as knowledge of ancient Amazonian occult magic, and she wields a scythe forged by Hades himself. Everything Wonder Woman brings to the battlefield, Grail has an answer for. Wonder Woman has killed gods before, but Grail is a challenge that should test all of Diana's powers and abilities, including her capacity for empathy and mercy.

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