Wonder Woman 2 Villain Will Reportedly Be Cheetah

Diana is getting the old gang back together for Wonder Woman 2, a film that will reportedly pit the Amazonian princess against the villain Cheetah. Gal Gadot was a scene-stealer during her debut as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's 2016 DC superhero blockbuster Batman V Superman, before her own solo movie became a cultural phenomenon just over a year later. A Wonder Woman sequel was naturally green-lit by Warner Bros. a few months after, with Patty Jenkins returning as director at a much higher salary.

Chris Pine will once again share the screen with Gadot in Wonder Woman 2, which trades in the WWI backdrop of its predecessor for the Cold War circa the 1980s. Warner Bros. has been keeping its cards close to the chest otherwise, when it comes to preventing details from leaking about the sequel. Although the Wonder Woman 2 working title "Magic Hour" prompted speculation that Circe would serve as the film's baddie, the latest report on the topic claims otherwise.

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That Hashtag Show is reporting that Cheetah will indeed serve as the main villain in Wonder Woman 2, with casting for the role now underway ahead of the start of production this summer. While WB was recently considering Emma Stone to play the character, That Hashtag Show is reporting that the Oscar-winner has already passed on the opportunity. The site further reports that Saïd Taghmaoui and Ewen Bremner will be returning as Sameer and Charlie in the Wonder Woman sequel.

Cheetah Wonder Woman Sequel

We have already proposed our own theory for how Steve Trevor will return in the Wonder Woman sequel, but Taghmaoui and Bremner's return is another matter. It's possible the actors will reprise their roles via flashbacks or portray their characters as much older men, similar to how Hayley Atwell played a 70-years older Pegg Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, after portraying Peggy as a young woman in Captain America: The First Avenger.

That Hashtag Show further reports that Wonder Woman 2 will feature the Barbara Ann Minerva version of Cheetah. Miss Minerva, a British anthropologist who gains her superpowers after stumbling upon an ancient ritual in the lost city of Urzkartaga, isn't the only comic book character to have carried the supervillain's mantle. However, she has served as Cheetah since the New 52 DC Comics reboot in 2011, so it makes sense for her to be the iteration that appears in the shared DC cinematic universe.

Assuming that these details are accurate, Wonder Woman 2 will carryover its predecessor's mix of pulp historical adventure and superhero fantasy tropes. The Cold War backdrop should further allow Jenkins and her writers (Geoff Johns and The Expendables' Dave Callahan) to expand upon the first Wonder Woman's themes about war and morality, within a new historical context. Combine that with a villain in Cheetah, who should be more compelling and complicated than the cartoony antagonists of the first film (especially Doctor Poison and General Ludendorff), and Wonder Woman 2 could prove to be The Winter Soldier to Wonder Woman's First Avenger in all the best ways.

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Filming on Wonder Woman 2 gets underway in the UK this May, so stay tuned for further updates - including, the casting of Cheetah!

Source: That Hashtag Show

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