Wonder Woman 2: Registered Domains May Hint At Sequel's Title

Warner Bros. recently registered a collection of website domains for Wonder Woman 2 that not only confirm the sequel is set in the '80s, but may hint at the movie's official title. It's no secret that Warner Bros. and DC Films' burgeoning superhero franchise has been plagued by certain failures. Between the mixed-to-poor critical receptions of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad as well as Justice League underperforming at the box office, Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is the bright spot in the young cinematic universe. Gal Gadot's standalone film as Diana Prince was a financial success, earning more than $800 million, and was largely praised by critics and fans alike.

Unsurprisingly, Warner Bros. announced a Wonder Woman sequel less than two months after the first film hit theaters, and later gave Diana Prince's second solo outing a 2019 release date. Gadot and Jenkins are reteaming for Wonder Woman 2, which is expected to go before cameras sometime this summer. As such, the sequel has cast its main villain, Kristen Wiig as Cheetah/Dr. Barbara Minerva, and added Pedro Pascal in an undisclosed role. Further, Wonder Woman 2 is set in the 1980s, and may see the return of Chris Pine - despite the death of his character, Steve Trevor, at the end of the first film. Now, we may even have an idea of what Warner Bros. may be planning for the sequel's title.

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DNW is reporting that Warner Bros. registered a number of domain names in connection to Wonder Woman 2. A chunk of them deal with the sequel's setting, with each decade of the '80s registered in connection to Wonder Woman - which, unfortunately, doesn't narrow down the time period of the sequel. Take a look:

Additional domain names confirm Cheetah/Dr. Minerva will be a major player, while the rest hint at some potential titles for the sequel. These include Wonder Woman Arrives, Wonder Woman Lives, Wonder Woman Returns, Wonder Woman Rises, and Wonder Woman Part II. Take a look at the rest of the list of domain names.

If these domain names do hint at Warner Bros. and DC Films' plan for the Wonder Woman sequel title, the studio is seemingly going the more understated route. All of these potential titles are simple and generic, not offering any new insight into the plot of the sequel. We already knew it would be set in the '80s and the villain will be Cheetah, as played by Wiig - both aspects of the film confirmed by Jenkins. Still, considering the simple title of Wonder Woman, any of these would be in line with the character's solo franchise.

Of course, with that being said, it's possible none of these domains reflect the actual title of the Wonder Woman sequel. The movie may have a subtitle that's too much of a spoiler, or it may stick with Wonder Woman 2, and Warner Bros. is simply trying to cover their bases in terms of what people will search for online. With the sequel not due out until late 2019, it might be some time before we learn the true title - or, Warner Bros. may officially announce it during their panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego this summer.

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Source: DNW

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