It's a Great Idea to Have Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman 2 Steve Trevor Return

Chris Pine returning as Steve Trevor is great news for Wonder Woman 1984. Patty Jenkins' sequel to her 2017 smash hit rockets the titular Amazon heroine played by Gal Gadot to the 1980s where she will face a new threat in the form of Dr. Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) a.k.a. the Cheetah. However, the director also shared a photo confirming Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor and that Diana Prince would be reunited with her lost love 66 years after the American spy seemingly perished during World War I.

Both of the solo Wonder Woman films are set in the past, so going by 2016's Batman v Superman and 2017's Justice League, Diana seems to have moved on from Steve Trevor - or has she? The 21st-century incarnation of the Amazing Amazon is guarded and reserved about her personal life, which fans know little about besides her day job working for the Louvre in Paris. Patty Jenkins' films are exploring how Diana shed her innocence and became a superhero who protects the world, but it can be inferred from how Diana Prince behaves in the 21st century-set films directed by Zack Snyder (with reshoots by Joss Whedon) that Steve Trevor remains an important part of her past. Wonder Woman 1984 will detail how she encounters him a second time, presumably expectedly, and how that impacted her life going forward.

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Meanwhile, Steve Trevor coming back from the grave creates a slew of fascinating questions and an intriguing dilemma for Diana, as well as, fans hope, a resumption of one of the best parts of Wonder Woman - their relationship. Here's why Chris Pine joining the sequel is a great idea all around.

Chris Pine And Gal Gadot Have Great Chemistry

Steve Trevor and Diana Prince in Wonder Woman

The beating heart of Wonder Woman was her relationship with Steve Trevor. From their first glimpse of each other on the beach after she saved him from drowning when his plane crashed in the ocean outside Paradise Island to their final goodbye when he sacrificed his life to destroy Dr. Poison's chemical weapons, the chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine absolutely crackled throughout their film. Fans naturally remember the inspiring No Man's Land battle sequence as the highlight of Wonder Woman, but the reason Diana and Steve really came across as loveable characters because they were so charming together.

Diana and Steve are worthy of being described as the best couple in the DCEU, and not just because their only rivals are Lois Lane and Clark Kent (or the Joker and Harley Quinn). Even Lois and Clark's romantic moments pale compared to the good times Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor had together during those pivotal few days they shared in 1918. The warmth and lightness of Wonder Woman was provided by the electricity Gadot and Pine emitted together, such as the boat ride from Themyscira when they amusingly discussed "sleeping together" (which was paid off later in Veld). Trevor and Diana bantered and argued throughout the movie as she learned about herself while testing his mettle and resolve to do the right thing, but they gradually grew to love and trust each other. Audiences felt the loss Diana suffered when Steve died and she was faced with an uncertain future living in Man's World without him.

The thought of Gal Gadot going it alone in a sequel without Chris Pine to play off of was a complex one, and now it's been side-swiped with Pine's return. What will likely happen, however, is a reversal of the scenario in Wonder Woman that could put Diana as the person in-the-know and Steve as the fish out of water.

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