Steve Trevor Embraces The ‘80s in Wonder Woman 1984 Fan Poster

Chris Pine's Steve Trevor fully embraces the questionable fashion of the 1980s in a new fan-made poster for Wonder Woman 1984.

Chris Pine's Steve Trevor fully embraces the questionable fashion of the 1980s in new fan art for Wonder Woman 1984. Despite apparently dying during the climax of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor will indeed return for the sequel currently being shot by director Patty Jenkins. Trevor's presence in the sequel was only recently confirmed, along with confirmation of the movie's official title, Wonder Woman 1984.

The original Wonder Woman of course took place during WW1, but since Diana Prince is immortal, it's no surprise to see her still alive and kicking in the 1980s. What's harder to explain is how Steve Trevor can still be alive and walking around many decades after the events of the first film, especially considering the fact that we saw him blow up while flying a plane full of Doctor Poison's killer gas.

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However Steve managed to avert death (that is, if he did), there's no question he's back in Wonder Woman 1984. There's also no question that he's fully embraced 1980s fashion, as seen in leaked set photos showing him wearing a fanny pack while walking somewhere with Diana. Now, fan artist Boss Logic has picked up the fanny pack thread and taken off with it, concocting a fan poster that shows Trevor going all the way with his new 1980s look. See the image below:

B-Boys, fly girls #ww84 @gal_gadot @wonderwomanfilm

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With his track suit, gold chains and Adidas-branded accessories, this Steve Trevor could have stepped right out of a Run-DMC video. Fortunately, this look only exists in fan art and will certainly not be seen in the real movie. That being said, Wonder Woman 1984 clearly looks to be embracing '80s nostalgia on a fairly significant level. What leaked images we have from the early days of shooting show both Steve and Diana decked out in very typical '80s attire. And of course there's the title, which makes no bones about when the movie is set.

Nostalgia for the '80s is, of course, big right now, with the popularity of shows like Stranger Things and movies like IT and Ready Player One. There's certainly nothing wrong with Wonder Woman 1984 adding a bit of '80s nostalgia to the pot in order to spice up the recipe. But how much will the nostalgia factor play into the finished film? After the massive success of the first Wonder Woman, which took in $821 million worldwide, the sequel certainly doesn't need to climb on the '80s bandwagon to draw people in. We'll find out how much '80s nostalgia plays into the movie's tone when Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters.

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