Wonder Woman 2 Set Videos Show Superfast Diana (Not Invisible Jet)

A new behind-the-scenes video from the set of Wonder Woman 1984 may suggest that the movie will feature a key part of the classic Wonder Woman mythology - the Invisible Jet. At the very least, the video is fueling fan speculations that we may see the famous vehicle.

Introduced alongside Wonder Woman in her first appearance in Sensation Comics #1 in 1942, the Invisible Jet was originally a product of advanced Amazonian technology, possessing greater speed and stealth capabilities than any man-made aircraft. Wonder Woman was given the power of independent flight following a revamp after Crisis On Infinite Earths, but the Invisible Jet remained a key tool in her arsenal afterward, though its origins were changed slightly. One story revealed the jet to be what remained of a Lansinarian Morphing Disk - a piece of invisible, semi-sentient, shape-shifting technology given to Diana as a token of gratitude by the alien Lansinarians - which became stuck in the shape of a jet.

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The video, which was posted to Twitter by Wonder Bira, shows Gal Gadot in her colorful new Wonder Woman costume while hanging from a wire rig. At about the 29-second mark, the Wonder Woman 1984 set video seems to show Gadot in a seated position, being pulled along behind a camera. For about 10 seconds, she is gripping the wires and seems to be adopting the pose used by Lynda Carter when she piloted the Invisible Jet in the classic Wonder Woman television series.

Sadly, while director Patty Jenkins did not dismiss the possibility of the Invisible Jet making an appearance in Wonder Woman 1984, it does seem unlikely that this footage offers viewers their first glimpse of the famous vehicle in action. It is unrealistic, based on the activity in the background, that Wonder Woman would have the space to maneuver the Invisible Jet down such a crowded street, flying so low. Even allowing for the existence of the advanced technology that would allow the jet to shape-shift mid-flight, as in the case of the Lansinarian version of the plane from the comics, the idea doesn't quite work.

It seems more likely that this video caught Gadot between stunts requiring wire-work and that her "ride in the Invisible Jet" was merely the result of the rigging and camera vehicles being moved into position. Indeed, the video seems to have been shot at the same set as earlier footage of a super-fast Wonder Woman. Fans of the classic Wonder Woman should keep the faith, however. Just because they don't see the Invisible Jet here, doesn't mean they won't see it elsewhere in Wonder Woman 2.

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Source: Wonder Bira/Twitter

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