Wonder Woman 2 Set Photos Tease Real Life Smithsonian Event Connection

New Wonder Woman 1984 set photos reveal the recreation of The Smithsonian Institution Annual Fundraiser. Directed by Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins, the sequel to the 2017 DC Films smash hit will see the return of Gal Gadot as the titular character for her second solo adventure. Chris Pine is also set to return as Steve Trevor, and together the two will try to contain a brand new threat in Kristen Wiig's Barbara Ann Minerva aka. Cheetah. The sequel will take place at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union as first reported by Screen Rant last year.

Not much is known regarding specific plot details of Wonder Woman 1984, but with filming in full swing, fans are treated with a steady stream of photos from the set of the movie. The latest batch to arrive online teases the link between the real-life Smithsonian Event and the movie's narrative.

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Courtesy of Twitter fan-account with the handle WonderWomanHQ is a brand new batch of Wonder Woman 1984 set photos teasing the film's recreation of The Smithsonian Institution Annual Fundraiser. Not much can be deciphered from the images, but it appears to be a full-blown gala with men dressed in tuxedos and vintage limousines lined-up. Sadly, there are no snaps of any of the cast members, but Gadot was recently spotted appropriately dressed for a formal event (also posted on the same social media account) while filming the project - giving fans the impression that whatever she was shooting had something to do with these new set photos. Check out the pictures below:

Given the institute's handle on millions of artworks, artifacts, and specimens, recreating the 1984 fundraising ball can mean a few things for Wonder Woman 1984. For starters, considering Diana's penchant for art as seen in both Wonder Woman and Justice League (where viewers learn that she's a curator of the Louvre Museum at present day), it's possible that the Smithsonian gathering is focused on artworks. On the other hand, Minerva's anthropology background and Cheetah's origin may also have to do with it given the institution's involvement in running the National Zoo (one of the oldest zoos in the country), as well as managing countless relics. Finally, the event could very well be tied to both Diana and Minerva, and perhaps even to Pablo Pascal's still-undisclosed character in the film.

Whatever the case may be, fans are expected to learn more about the movie as filming for Wonder Woman 1984 continues. Considering the fact that the project is still more than a year away, not to mention three other Warner Bros. superhero flicks on the docket (Aquaman, Shazam!, Joker), it's doubtful a trailer will be released any time soon, although an initial sneak peek was shown exclusively to Hall H during last month's San Diego Comic-Con. Nonetheless, with the film in capable and proven hands, the public has nothing to worry about.

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Source: WonderWomanHQ/Twitter 1, 2

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