Wonder Woman 2 Set Photos Show Diana & Steve Together Again

Diana and Steve are reunited in new set photos for Wonder Woman 1984. One of the strongest parts of Wonder Woman was the chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Their on screen relationship benefitted greatly from the charisma both actors displayed and made the love between them as clear as day. While it was a great benefit for the film, it also led to heartbreak when Steve Trevor sacrificed himself in order to be the hero. The death of Steve shook viewers and Diana herself, as well as sparked countless theories when we first reported Pine would return for the Wonder Woman sequel.

The blitz of Wonder Woman 1984 news started earlier today when director Patty Jenkins confirmed Pine's return. Gadot then followed it up with the first stunning photo of her reprising her superhero role too. While both photos had them alone, fans were eager to see them back together.

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They have been reunited in new set photos for Wonder Woman 1984. The photo shared by dcglobee on Instagram shows Gadot and Pine side by side on the Washington D.C. set of the sequel. Both actors are in costume, but it isn't clear if they are actually filming a scene in this photo. Even if they aren't, it should signal that they are filming scenes together. You can see the reunion below, as well as additional shots of Gadot on set.


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As great as it is to see Diana and Steve (as well as Gadot and Pine) together again, how this happens remains a big question for the sequel. Wonder Woman didn't tease any sort of escape for Steve, and Diana was very upset when Bruce Wayne brought him up during Justice League. If this is the original Steve, there is much more going on. However, we've previously theorized that Pine could instead be playing Steve Trevor's grandson that is named after his heroic grandfather.

The other photos from the set appear to take place as Diana explores her career in art. She's worked at the Louvre already and the painter behind her in one of the photos likely indicates she's again in a creative environment. The third photo is a bit more mysterious with a giant rock flattening a car. Did Diana do that herself or is that a piece of art too? It's unclear at this point, but could be the setting for the scenes Gadot and Pine are sharing. As Wonder Woman 1984 filming has only just begun, this is surely not the last we've seen of Diana and Steve on set.

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