Wonder Woman 2 Script Is Being Written 'Right Now'

Geoff Johns has confirmed that he's already started work on the script for Wonder Woman 2. Although Warner Bros. hasn't at the time of writing officially announced the film, it's been assumed to be penciled in on the DCEU slate ever since Diana Prince's solo debut became an immense success, garnering great reviews and smashing a still-rolling set of box office records.

It's widely accepted that Patty Jenkins will return to direct, although despite some reports cited with as definite the filmmaker herself has made clear nothing is official yet. What we do know is that the film's treatment has been written by Jenkins and DC Chief Geoff Johns. Now it sounds they're moving onto the next step.

Speaking with Yahoo! Movies ahead of Warner Bros' SDCC panel, Johns revealed that he has now started work on the film's screenplay, a tactic near-confirmation the film:

"I’m working right now on the Wonder Woman 2 script. I just started."

Geoff Johns DC Entertainment President

It's widely expected that Wonder Woman 2 will officially be announced and given a release date at the DC portion of the panel, which this fast development definitely attests to. With the slate slowly filling up - Shazam! has just been confirmed for 2019 and Batgirl is likely to also release that year - that may mean the film is still several years away (unless Warners are greatly increasing their DC Films output, something that isn't out of the question).

As for what Johns' script may include, Screen Rant recently learned that the film will be set in the 1980s and see Diana take on the Soviet Union in the dying days of the Cold War; this means it's another prequel to her adventures in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. It's also been said we'll have the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, a narrative development that definitely poses some big questions given his death at the end of the original film. These reports have since been corroborated and seem like a fair bet for Wonder Woman 2's plot.

Whenever the movie arrives and what it entails, this speedy development certainly makes it evident that Warners are heavily invested in Diana Prince being a key part of the DCEU going forward. Rumors of Ben Affleck leaving the series have recently resurfaced, so Gal Gadot may even be positioned to "headline" the shared universe".

We're sure to get more details in the impending SDCC panel (brace for updates) on the state of the Wonder Woman sequel and what its plot may entail. Fans are also ready for a new Justice League trailer, Aquaman footage and maybe some announcements involving Green Lantern. Keep it at Screen Rant for all updates SDCC regarding Wonder Woman 2 and the rest of the DCEU line-up.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies

Key Release Dates
  • Justice League (2017) release date: Nov 17, 2017
  • Aquaman (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
  • Shazam! (2019) release date: Apr 05, 2019
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