Stunning Wonder Woman 2 Fan-Made Poster Brings Cheetah To Life

Cheetah Wonder Woman Sequel

Now that DC has announced key Wonder Woman nemesis Cheetah will appear in Wonder Woman 2, one fan artist designed a poster that imagines what the villain might look like in that film.

In modern Wonder Woman comic books, Cheetah is actually Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, a wealthy British archaeologist who becomes the guardian of a god called Urzkartaga after being promised immortality. This agreement also grants her the powers of a cheetah and transforms her into a hybrid of a human and a cat. She eventually encounters Wonder Woman and becomes the Amazonian Princess' greatest foe, although Diana often tries to appeal to the human, Barbara Ann, that lies underneath Cheetah's cat persona. Although Cheetah's origin varies with each iteration of DC's comics reboots, her basic characteristics are generally the same.

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One fan artist, Mikhail Villarreal, posted an idea of what Cheetah might look like in the sequel to the Wonder Woman movie. In this art, she appears as she does so often in the comics: with the face of a fierce cat and the body of a woman. Standing in front of her is a rendering of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Also depicted in the poster is Pedro Pascal, who was cast earlier this year in an undisclosed role.

It's no secret that most Wonder Woman fans are happy about seeing Cheetah in the next movie. Director Patty Jenkins has already confirmed that the production cast comedienne and actress Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, although there are no details yet about what part she will play in the film. It seems unconventional casting, but fans trust Jenkins to know what's best for the franchise.

Not only that, but TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter is also in talks to appear in the movie, something fans wanted way before the first Wonder Woman movie ever got off the ground. It also seems that Chris Pine is back, although his character, Steve Trevor, was killed in the first film. Beyond that, though, all fans really know about the new movie is that it happens in the 1980s, which should offer fans some interesting fashion and pop culture references.

This fan art will only get fans even more excited for the Wonder Woman sequel. The first movie was a huge box office and critical success for DC, a company that seems to flail when it comes to bringing its comic book characters to film. With Jenkins at the helm, fans are in for a big thrill when Wonder Woman and Cheetah finally battle it out on the big screen.

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Source: Mikhail Villareal

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