Wonder Woman Gets Colorful '80s Makeover In Fan-Made Sequel Poster

WW84 Wonder Woman logo

A new fan-made poster for Wonder Woman 2 has given the Amazing Amazon a retro makeover. This includes a new costume, inspired by the fashions of 1980s pop stars.

The reasoning behind this lies in the fact that, as first reported by Screen Rant, the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel is set in the 80s, sometime between the events of the original movie and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This was later confirmed both by Wonder Woman 2 director Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment's President and Chief Creative Officer. Johns also narrowed things down further, posting an image of the Wonder Woman 2 logo suggesting that the movie would specifically be set in the year 1984.

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The fan poster by BossLogic, which can be viewed in full below, is the first fan effort that has altered Diana's costume. Previous fan posters for the upcoming sequel offered up views of Wonder Woman's arch-enemy Cheetah (who will be played by Kristen Wiig) or attempted to mimic the fonts and laser-based imagery common to 1980s movie posters.

This new costume sees Diana well-armed, with the Sword of Athena in her hand and the Lasso of Truth at her side, ready to be used. Virtually everything else has been changed, however with Diana's trademark tiara replaced by a red and yellow headband and the Bracelets of Submission switched out for sweatbands and friendship bracelets. Her armor has been replaced with a tube-top, jean jacket and rah-rah skirt.

The 80s aerobics aesthetic and fitness fashion trend is recognized through Diana's red leggings and appropriately colored roller skates. Throw in a belt with an oversized buckle, a fanny pack, dangling star earrings and a long necklace with her distinctive WW logo and it looks like Wonder Woman, much like girls everywhere, just wants to have fun.

Amusing as this image is, it seems highly unlikely that we will see Gal Gadot in a similar outfit in Wonder Woman 2, though it has been confirmed that the movie will see Wonder Woman in a new costume. While Diana of Themyscira is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest fighters in the DC Comics Universe, it is doubtful that she would ever enter battle while wearing roller skates and the jewelry she is wearing in this poster offers an enemy far too many things to grab a hold of in an up-close fight. That being said, though Diana of Themyscira is far from a Material Girl, this design presented by BossLogic does look... wonderful.

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Source: BossLogic

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