Wonder Woman 2 Theory: Is Pedro Pascal The Male Cheetah?

Pedro Pascal and Male Cheetah

Could Pedro Pascal be playing the male Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2? The Narcos actor is the DCEU sequel's newest cast member, joining the returning Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Kristen Wiig, who will be portraying Dr. Barbara Minerva aka the Cheetah. This will be his second time working with director Patty Jenkins, with the pair having previously collaborated on the TV movie Exposed.

It's exciting news, but the real question is the identity of the role Pascal will be playing. This is, naturally, being kept under wraps, and with the question of whether Chris Pine will return up in the air, it's definitely possible he could be playing a new love interest for Diana Prince. However, given rumors Steve Trevor will factor in, he may be something more villainous.

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Wonder Woman doesn't have quite the extensive rogue's gallery as the likes of fellow Justice League member Batman, but there's still a lot of prospective foes to stand alongside Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2. Pascal certainly has the acting chops to portray one of Diana's biggest male adversaries, Doctor Psycho, while many fans have cited Vandal Savage as a perfect fit. However, given the already placed villain of the film, there's another potential character: Sebastian Ballesteros, the male Cheetah!

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Who is Sebastian Ballesteros?

DCEU Wonder Woman

Cheetah is a classic Wonder Woman villain, made borderline iconic thanks to her prominence in the old Super Friends cartoon and other DC Animation series. The character in the film portrayed by Kristen Wiig is expected to be Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist and a friend of Diana Prince transformed into a superpowered feline warrior by an ancient ritual in the legendary lost city of the Urzkartagan tribe. Minerva has been portrayed as both insane and a tragic figure in the comics, but Diana never gives up on helping Barbara despite their battles.

However, there have been others to become the Cheetah in the comics, and one of them is a man named Sebastian Ballesteros. Introduced in 1999, Ballesteros is an Argentine businessman who was an agent of one of Wonder Woman's other enemies, the sorceress Circe. He coveted the power of the Cheetah, so to usurp the role as the supernatural feline villain convinced Urzkartaga (the plant god who empowered Minerva) that a male Cheetah would be superior because of his female counterpart's many failures. Urzkartaga agreed, stripped Barbara of her powers, and granted them to Ballesteros. Sebastian became the first man to be called Cheetah but, of course, when he faced Wonder Woman, he met the same failure.

Minerva didn't take Ballesteros stealing her powers lying down and battled him for the power of the Cheetah. To even the odds, Minerva took a page out of Ballesteros' book by stealing the powers of one of the Furies from Greek mythology; eventually, Barbara killed Ballesteros and became the Cheetah once more. The character hasn't appeared in print since, with only a fan-winking reference in the New 52 era, but could the arc be pulled on for Wonder Woman 2?

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