Wonder Woman 2: Pedro Pascal’s Character Could Be A [Spoiler]

According to the latest Wonder Woman 1984 rumor, Pedro Pascal's character is actually a god in disguise. The much-anticipated sequel to last summer's DCEU smash hit is currently in production, with fans learning the first wave of official details this past week. In addition to the title reveal, it was confirmed Chris Pine is returning as Steve Trevor, despite the character's apparent demise at the end of the original film. Images of both Pine and Gal Gadot as Diana Prince have been released as well.

While it's exciting to learn Pine and Gadot will share the screen once more, Wonder Woman 1984 has a number of intriguing additions to the franchise. Chief among them, of course, is Kristen Wiig's Cheetah, but she isn't the only newcomer to the cast. Narcos star Pascal joined the Wonder Woman sequel in a key role back in March, but information about this part has been hard to come by since. Now, we may have our first bits of information.

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Twitter user DanielRPK reports he's heard Pascal's currently unnamed character is "a God in disguise." He didn't elaborate much beyond that, but he did debunk a theory suggesting Pascal could be impersonating Trevor, telling a follower Pine is portraying "the real Steve Trevor."

Previously, Pascal was said to be playing a "slippery con man," so it'll be interesting to see what his role really is. If Wonder Woman 1984 uses this "god in disguise" trope as a twist, it would be a slightly disappointing development. Fans will recall the first film revealed David Thewlis' Sir Patrick was actually Ares, the God of War. Hopefully, the sequel will put a new spin on things in order to make 1984 feel fresh from its predecessor. Many are in agreement Wonder Woman's third act is the weakest point of an otherwise excellent film, but Patty Jenkins is a smart and talented director. She would likely find a way to execute Pascal's god character in a way that connects with audiences and ties into 1984's larger themes (much like Ares did).

It probably won't be much longer until fans discover more about what Wonder Woman 1984 has to offer. With no Marvel Studios at San Diego Comic-Con this year, DC is in an ideal position to dominate Hall H and generate excitement for their future slate. We already know the first trailer for Aquaman will debut at next month's convention, and there will probably be plenty more for attendees to enjoy. Shining a spotlight on the Wonder Woman series, which is the DCEU's lone bright spot at this point in time, would be an extremely smart play.

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Source: DanielRPK

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