Wonder Woman 2 Casts Narcos' Pedro Pascal in Key Role

Warner Bros. and DC Films' Wonder Woman 2 casts Pedro Pascal in a key role. The studio hasn't found quite as much success with their shared superhero universe as they were undoubtedly hoping for when they officially kicked it off in 2016. Though Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were successful enough at the box office, both failed to land with critics. Additionally, last year's Justice League was neither critically well received nor a box office hit. However, the unequivocal bright spot of the DC Films Universe is Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, which hit theaters last summer to positive reviews from fans and critics alike. It also went on to earn more than $821M at the worldwide box office, marking it a success.

As a result, few were surprised when Warner Bros. officially announced Wonder Woman 2 at Comic-Con International in San Diego last July. The sequel has since been given a November 2019 release date, with production gearing up to start this summer. Ahead of filming beginning, Warner Bros. is casting the sequel, which will see Jenkins return as director and Gadot continue portraying Diana Prince. Previously, we learned Kristen Wiig will play the villainous Cheetah, and now the Wonder Woman sequel has found a new cast member.

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Variety is reporting Wonder Woman 2 has cast Pedro Pascal (Narcos, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Game of Thrones) in a key role. However, further details about who Pascal will be playing - whether it's a character from the DC Comics or original for the film - and how his character fits into the story are unknown at this time. Pascal and Jenkins previously worked together on the TV movie Exposed. The Tracking Board reports Pascal is playing "slippery con man" named Rex who appears in the Wonder Woman 2 script. Update: Pascal confirmed his casting in Wonder Woman 2 on Twitter. See his tweet below:

Pedro Pascal in Game of Thrones

Little is known about Warner Bros' Wonder Woman sequel at this time. In addition to Jenkins returning as director, she also took on co-writing duties, working with Geoff Johns on the script. While official details about the story of the sequel are scarce, we have learned Wonder Woman 2 will be set in the 1980s, during the final days of the Cold War, and will feature the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. No matter how Steve Trevor manages to return for the sequel, Diana will need more allies in the world. Still, it's unclear if Pascal's character will be another ally to Diana or an antagonist working against her, and potentially with Cheetah.

For his part, Pascal has had a steady stream of roles in recent years that have prepared him to join the likes of a DC Films Universe entry. After a memorable turn as Oberyn Martell on HBO's Game of Thrones, Pascal landed a starring role in Netflix's Narcos. One of his most recent big screen roles saw him playing Statesmen agent Whiskey in The Golden Circle, Matthew Vaughn's sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service, based on Mark Millar's comic series. So, no matter what key role Pascal has been tapped to play in Jenkins' Wonder Woman sequel, there's no doubt he's up for the task. Now it just remains to be seen who exactly he'll be playing.

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Source: Variety

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