Wonder Woman Director Won't Stop Trying For Lynda Carter Cameo In The Sequel

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Director Patty Jenkins reveals that she will try to get Lynda Carter for a cameo in Wonder Woman 2. The filmmaker is currently attached to the sequel film following the successful solo movie debut of Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess and from the looks of it, she is working hard to secure a spot for Carter in the production.

Jenkins has been forthcoming of her admiration of Wonder Woman and Carter, who suited up for the role via her own TV series that ran from 1975 to 1979. In fact, during the Wonder Woman film production notes, the director even revealed that she watched the series and recalled just how in awe she was of Carter's character. However, when she tried to reach out to Carter for a possible cameo in the first Wonder Woman, the timing just did not work out.

That said, Jenkins is not giving up easily in her goal of bringing Carter to the DCEU's movie version of Wonder Woman. In a recent tweet exchange with a fan who asked her about the possibility of Carter popping in Wonder Woman 2, the filmmaker sounds determined. "Oh we tried, tried, tried," Jenkins replied. "And we won't stop trying."

Oh we tried, tried, tried. And we won't stop trying.

— Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) June 5, 2017

Carter has previously talked about the missed opportunity last October in an interview with Variety, saying that there were initial talks about her coming in to shoot some scenes with Jenkins. However, at that point, she was also doing other projects that she has previously committed to.

“I’ve spoken to [director] Patty Jenkins. She talked to me on the phone about the character, and we were trying to see if I could do something with the movie, but it didn’t work out. The timing was off, and I was doing other things and couldn’t get over to where they were shooting.”

Despite not appearing on the big screen for Wonder Woman, Carter has recently made her reintroduction in the world of DC Comics in The CW series Supergirl. The actress debuted in the Melissa Benoist-led show as the fictional President of the United States who also turns out to be an alien, Olivia Marsdin.

Carter has been very present during the huge marketing push for Wonder Woman and it is great of Warner Bros. to acknowledge that she is the first actor to breathe life into the Amazonian Princess. And given that Carter has nothing but high praise for Gadot, Jenkins and the film, there is a good chance that the dream cameo will eventually happen.

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