Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Closes Deal to Direct

Patty Jenkins has finally closed her deal and will officially return to direct Wonder Woman 2. Jenkins finally returned to the big screen with Wonder Woman this year after waiting fourteen years since directing the Oscar-winning film Monster. She did so in a big way by making the DC Extended Universe's biggest hit critically and a close runner-up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's worldwide box office totals. Thanks to her focus on getting the film right before it went into production, the film was made without much in terms of excess footage and even made it through minimal reshoots with star Gal Gadot pregnant.

Ever since the response to Wonder Woman started, it became clear that everybody (fans, Warner Bros., the cast, and Jenkins herself) wanted Jenkins to return. However, in the months since the release, there has yet to be an announcement that she was finally set to return, until now.

Variety is reporting that Jenkins and Warner Bros. have finally closed a deal that will see her brought back to direct the sequel. There is no other details at this time as to what type of payday Jenkins is in for or if she negotiated further creative control or input on the script. That said, previous reports stated the deal would put her firmly as the highest paid female director, and that she has already started working on the script with DC Films head Geoff Johns.

Now that fans can finally rest assured that Jenkins will be back, any reservations about the project and her involvement can be put to bed. Recently, some wondered if she would consider jumping to Star Wars 9 if given the call, but with Wonder Woman 2 already slated for a December 2019 release, Jenkins will have to continue working on the sequel to get it ready to go. Even though there has yet to be any reports on when filming will begin, DC's history will point to Wonder Woman 2 starting production next summer.

Things are clearly still in the early stages on Wonder Woman 2, but there has been no shortage of teases as for what audiences can expect to see. We've previously reported exclusive details about a 1980's setting and Chris Pine's potential return, but Jenkins has also teased a 'full-blown' Wonder Woman in the sequel after seeing her just start to come into her own in her first movie. Now that Jenkins can definitively say she is back, it may not be long before she teases further details.

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Source: Variety

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