Wonder Woman 2: Geoff Johns Teases 1980s Setting & Potential Logo

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Speculation on the timeline for Wonder Woman 2 may finally be put to rest as DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns teased the exact year in the 1980s the film will be set and a potential logo for the upcoming sequel.

Though DC Entertainment struggled to find the same critical and financial success that Marvel Studios pulled off with the MCU, last summer's Wonder Woman was their sole exception. A record-breaking superhero adaptation, Wonder Woman told the origin story of Diana (played by Gal Gadot), princess of the Amazons. Having spent her entire life secluded on the secret island of Themyscira, Diana soon finds herself in the throes of war, ultimately appointing herself as protector of the human race. Now with Gadot and director Patty Jenkins returning for the sequel, and Kristen Wiig signed on to play the villain Cheetah, a brand new image appears to be teasing the sequel's logo and timeline.

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DC's Geoff Johns, who's co-writing the script for Wonder Woman 2 with Jenkins, updated his Facebook cover photo with an image that appears to have not only revealed the logo of the sequel, but refers to the timeline in which the sequel will be set. The text in the photo reads: "WW84," suggesting that Wonder Woman 2 will be set 67 years after the first movie's 1917 setting. Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder's wife and producing partner, also posted the photo to her Vero account.

Posted by Geoff Johns on Friday, June 1, 2018

In an exclusive report, Screen Rant confirmed Wonder Woman 2 is set in the '80s, which was later reiterated by Jenkins. The '80s backdrop was further teased when Warner Bros. registered several Wonder Woman 2 domain names that hinted at the film's title, but this image suggests that Diana will be doing battle specifically in 1984. However, as far as titles for the sequel go, Warner Bros. also registered domain names that include potential titles like Wonder Woman Lives, Wonder Woman and Cheetah, and Wonder Woman Part 2, so the use of "84" in the actual title may not turn out to be the case. That said, the static effect used on the image that Johns shared could turn out to be included in the official logo, what with the '80s aesthetic.

Given the massive time jump for the sequel, some fans have wholly embraced the decision to set Wonder Woman 2 in the '80s. In fact, artist Messy Pandas created a stylized fan-made poster for the movie that is very much aligned with era. However, whether or not Wonder Woman's new costume for the sequel (which was simply described as "battle gear" during the 2018 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas) will also incorporate an '80s aesthetic remains to be seen.

If Wonder Woman 2 ends up going full-tilt on its '80s setting, they have plenty of movies from which they can take inspiration. In terms of costuming, especially, the '80s were ripe with over-the-top styles - though it's fair to assume that John Rambo in First Blood, Indiana Jones or even Auntie Entity's chainmail getup in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome might not necessarily fit the tone that Jenkins is going for. She may prefer something a bit more grounded.

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Source: Geoff Johns/Facebook

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