Kristen Wiig's Cheetah Leaps To Action In Wonder Woman 2 Set Video

New images and videos from the set of Wonder Woman 1984 show a more menacing Kristen Wiig using Cheetah's powers to leap into action.

Kristen Wiig as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984

Kristen Wiig leaps into action as Cheetah in a new Wonder Woman 1984 set video. Even with Gal Gadot's sequel still over a year away from hitting theaters, the anticipation is already high. Following the great success of Wonder Woman, Gadot returns to star in another period piece, which will once again be directed by Patty Jenkins - who is getting a massive raise. The mystery around the sequel started to fall by the wayside in recent months as casting was announced and now that filming is underway.

Wonder Woman 1984 found its villain in longtime comedian Kristen Wiig, where she'll take a different turn. She's set to play Barbara Ann Minerva aka Cheetah. Jenkins previously debuted the first look at Wiig on set, but the photo didn't provide an actual look at her Cheetah form. That still is being kept under wraps, but now we can see a bit of her powers.

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Twitter user @GGMEHD shared a few looks at the set of Wonder Woman 1984 and they included glimpses at Cheetah in action. The innocent and kind looking Minerva we've seen before is no longer there, with Wiig in an all-black outfit. The user was able to share a video of her leaping into the air, as well as a few photos that show better looks at this unhinged version of Minerva.

This video is the first look at Cheetah's enhanced abilities in action, even if it doesn't provide a look at the actual Cheetah form. Instead, Minerva will still be able to use her powers in her human form. This has happened in the comics before, but under different circumstances. In the comics, Circe (who was at one time theorized to be part of Wonder Woman 1984) gives Minerva a potion that grants her complete control over her sometimes unpredictable powers. The potion allows her to change to a human form while retaining her powers. There's no word on Circe being in Wonder Woman 1984 to this point, but a similar tactic could be on display here.

Now that an additional look at Wiig's Cheetah has come out, it hopefully won't be too much longer before they release a photo of her Cheetah form. Gadot is rumor to appear at San Diego Comic-Con in one week and bring some Wonder Woman 1984 surprises with her. It is possible Warner Bros. could debut the image to the crowd in Hall H and then release it online for all to see. If not, future set photos and videos could be the source of this sought after Wonder Woman 1984 information.

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Source: @GGMEHD

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