Geena Davis Wants to Play an Amazonian in Wonder Woman 2

With Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman still breaking records everywhere, and an obvious sequel already in the works, fans of Diana Prince are looking at where the fearless Amazonian could go next. While casting for Wonder Woman 2 is still a way off, Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis has offered herself for a part in the next installment.

Known for an illustrious career and major roles in the likes of The Fly, Beetlejuice, and Thelma & Louise, Davis was one of the biggest actresses of the '80s/'90s. She still turns her hand to the silver screen, but these days Davis is best known for her time in TV roles on Grey's Anatomy and The Exorcist. That being said, she returns to cinemas with the upcoming Marjorie Prime and has kept an eye on the recent boom in action movies that focus on the fairer sex.

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Speaking to Variety, the 61-year-old opened up about women in cinema and spoke about her advocacy for gender equality in movies. When discussing the recent trend of female-first movies like Atomic Blonde and Wonder Woman, Davis revealed how she hoped to nab a part in Diana of Themyscira's next caper:

Certainly Wonder Woman needed to be made, and I’m so beyond thrilled with how it came out. I met Patty Jenkins and I told her, 'I’m sure you’re going to make a sequel and if you need anybody Amazonian, there’s always me. I’m available.'

Given that the star is known for the feminine powerhouse that was Ridley Scott's Thelma & Louise, you can see why she might put up the good fight for women in cinema. Not just stopping at hopes of tooling up to play an Amazonian, Davis also said that Wonder Woman has inspired her to have her own show where she could play a Diana-esque character:

"I loved it, and I want to do more of those films. My dream goal would be to have a streaming show where I could be a badass."

With the recent trend of female-led films in Hollywood, it is puzzling that it took some 76 years for Wonder Woman to grace our screens. However, with films like Silver & Black, Batgirl and Captain Marvel already on the superhero slate, there will be a lot more girl power coming to comic book movies over the next few years. Remembering that Wonder Woman starred the likes of Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright as the powerful Amazonians, it isn't hard to imagine Davis settling in among their ranks. As for the chances of the screen icon securing a role? Well, at least Jenkins knows where to turn to first if she needs a screen heroine to make up Themyscira's formidable women.

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Source: Variety

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