Wonder Woman 2: Gal Gadot Will Work With Tomb Raider Trainer

Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot looks set to switch up her workout routine for the upcoming sequel, choosing to hire the same trainer that worked with Alicia Vikander on Tomb Raider. Wonder Woman 2 is set to begin production this summer. Director Patty Jenkins will return to helm the project, and she’ll be co-writing the screenplay alongside Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham.

Not much is known about Wonder Woman 2, other than the fact that the film will be set during the Cold War, making it a sequel to the first Wonder Woman and a prequel to the other DCEU films. Actual concrete plot details are scarce; Jenkins has said that while the sequel will follow a formula similar to that of its predecessor (ie feature another "great love story"), it will also be "an entirely new adventure" that will make for "a totally different film".

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One noticeable change that fans may be in store for when Gal Gadot graces the screen in Wonder Woman 2 could be her superhero look. USA Today recently sat down with health and wellness trainer Magnus Lygdback to talk about the workout routine he prepared for actress Alicia Vikander, who's playing Lara Croft in next month's Tomb Raider. During the interview, Lygdback confirmed that Gadot is next up on his celebrity client list. Gadot had previously worked with Hayley Bradley and Mark Twight in preparation for her roles in Batman v SupermanWonder Woman, and Justice League.

Lygdback will surely tailor a fitness plan personally suited to Gadot's needs, but the workout routine described in USA Today's interview seemingly featured an increased focus on strength training and mixed martial arts with a decreased focus on cardio -- in comparison to what we know about Gadot's previous superhero workouts, that is. Lygdback's regime worked wonders for Vikander, who gained 12 pounds for the role and is looking absolutely ripped in the Tomb Raider footage we've seen thus far.

When Gadot was first cast as Wonder Woman back in 2013, her body type was (unfortunately) the principal complaint amongst her detractors. Of course, a hush fell over the vast majority of her body shamers by the time the actress stormed onto the scene and knocked her solo movie out of the park. Embodying an Amazon warrior is no easy feat, but with filming on Wonder Woman 2 not set to begin until this summer, Lygdback and Gadot will have plenty of time to ensure that the latter is superhero ready once again by the time cameras start rolling on the sequel.

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Source: USA Today

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