The Very First Official Image of Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 2

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Update: We told you Chris Pine would return for Wonder Woman' sequel - here's your first look at Steve Trevor.

Gal Gadot shares the first image of her returning as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 2, now titled Wonder Woman 1984. The biggest success Warner Bros. has had in attempting to make a DC cinematic universe came last year with the release of Wonder Woman. The movie surpassed all expectations behind the guidance of director Patty Jenkins, while Gadot cemented her place as a great Wonder Woman after first debuting in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The reaction to the first movie was so positive that the sequel started moving fast.

One of the biggest questions regarding the sequel was where it would be set, following Diana's World War I origin story. Many wanted to see her stay in the present day, but (as Screen Rant first reported) the sequel is heading to the 80s. Confirmation looked to come with Geoff Johns releasing a WW84 logo, and now Gadot released the first look at Diana in 1984.

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Gadot shared the image today on Twitter that shows her back in her biggest role. The image isn't terribly revealing, but it does show Diana staring at a window full of TVs, with her reflection showing Gadot's face. Gadot further confirmed the film's official title, Wonder Woman 1984, thanks to the caption.

Even though major plot points or character arcs aren't revealed in this image of Gadot, it is visually striking image that could indicate how Jenkins plans to give the sequel a new look. There's a lot of neon in this photo just as there was in the 80s and it would be fun to see Jenkins exploit that trend for the sequel. The first movie looked great, but it is possible for it to improve, and fully embracing the look of these times could make that possible.

This appears to just be the beginning of many more updates on Wonder Woman 1984 too. Jenkins released the first photo of Chris Pine returning as Steve Trevor, something that also confirms Screen Rant scoop. If the team behind the sequel continues to share images of the cast then it may not be too long before the same happens for Kristen Wiig or Pedro Pascal. Wiig is set to play Cheetah in the movie, but Pascal's role isn't confirmed. Releasing photos of each could confirm their roles and even offer up a look at Wiig's transformative part. Even if no official images come out soon, with production officially underway, there's a good chance that set photos will start to pop up. Either way, get ready for much more info on Wonder Woman 1984.

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