Will Wonder Woman’s Doctor Poison Return For a Sequel?

[This post contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman.]


One of the villains in Wonder Woman is speaking out about her potential role in the future of the franchise, as Spanish actress Elena Anaya gave some insight into whether the sinister Dr. Maru/Doctor Poison will return as an antagonist for the Amazonian warrior.

In a film with plenty of bright spots, one of the main criticisms levied against Wonder Woman was the lack of development for the villains in the film. Out of the three major foils, the one that makes at least the biggest visual impression is Doctor Poison, the German mad scientist with a disfigured face who develops a toxic mustard gas to win World War I for Danny Huston's General Lundenorff. With a planned shift to a modern setting for the sequel, it's been unclear if she will once again return to create havoc for Diana Prince.

In an interview with The VergeAnaya let slip that she is indeed contracted for potential sequels, though doesn't know whether or not she'll be a part of them:

"What do you know about Dr. Maru’s future? Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are contracted for a second Wonder Woman movie. Are you?

Yes yes yes. But I have no answer for that. As you know, when these movies are made, they ask you basically to marry them for the rest of your life. [Laughs] I’d be so happy to be back, to be able to be evil again. It’s so good, it’s so fantastic."

When we last saw Doctor Poison, all remnants of her toxic gas had been destroyed and Wonder Woman is given an opportunity to kill the villain, but decides to spare her life in favor of humility and forgiveness. It can be assumed that Poison either escaped after that confrontation or was imprisoned by the Allied soldiers. No matter her fate, considering that the plan is for Wonder Woman 2 to take place in present day, one must wonder if Anaya would be asked to reprise her role in a flashback or trade in her disfigurement prosthetics for old-age CGI.

Anaya is a well-known international actress, starring in hits from around the world like The Skin I Live In, They Are All Dead, and The Memory of Water. American audiences are most likely unaware of her talent, and therefore Wonder Woman will be their first exposure to her. In the context of the film, Doctor Poison is a visually striking character who can be further explored if she were to appear in a sequel.

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Source: The Verge 

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