Wonder Woman 2: Expendables Writer to Join Patty Jenkins & Geoff Johns

Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns won't be alone in writing Wonder Woman 2 as they now will get help from The Expendables' Dave Callahan. Following the record-breaking success of Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. is quickly looking to capitalize on the character's popularity. She's received an expanded role in the marketing for Justice League, but her sequel is now starting to make real progress. Gal Gadot is set to return as Diana Prince, and it was recently made official that Patty Jenkins will return to direct.

Jenkins' return will not only see her receive a massive and well-deserved pay raise, but also more input on the story. She had already started breaking the story with DC Films head Geoff Johns prior to signing on to direct, and Warner Bros. has now enlisted a new writer to further develop the script.

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THR is reporting that Dave Callahan - the writer behind The ExpendablesGodzilla, and more - has joined the sequel as a writer. While he may at first seem like a choice out of left field for Jenkins to make, they previously worked together to try to bring Jackpot to the big screen. That project fell through with Jenkins taking over Wonder Woman, but their time together must have been enjoyable enough for her to bring him into the DCEU fold.

With the Wonder Woman sequel still a few years away, there has not yet been much official word on where the sequel will take Diana. Fans have still yet to see where Justice League takes her, but all indications are that the Wonder Woman sequel will be a period piece just like the first. Instead of World War I, Jenkins has teased a time jump to tell the next story - one we've reported could take place in the 1980s and bring Chris Pine back in a new way.

Now that the script has garnered more help, it will continue to be refined in the coming months. How long Callahan, Jenkins, and Johns have to perfect the script is up in the air as many expect Wonder Woman 2's release to shift in some way so it doesn't directly compete with Star Wars: Episode IX. But, a release date change could see it move up to earlier in 2019 or pushed to 2020. In either instance, Wonder Woman 2 should not start filming until next summer at the earliest, leaving them over half a year to crack the script. Should it be pushed back, then they'll have even more time. But, since they've been working on the script since Wonder Woman's release and given Jenkins' previous comments, it appears they already have a firm grasp on what story Wonder Woman 2 will tell. Now, they just have a little more help to realize their vision.

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Source: THR

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