Wonder Woman 2's Suit Is Definitely Way Brighter

Warner Bros. unveils the first footage for Wonder Woman 1984 at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, and it confirms Diana Prince's costume is brighter. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman first debuted as part of the current DC movie franchise in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The character was well received by fans and, as such, they eagerly looked forward to her first solo outing, which arrived last summer with Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. The movie followed Diana's evolution from a child of Themyscira to the hero known as Wonder Woman, and part of that was assembling her iconic costume.

After her solo film, Wonder Woman joined forces with the rest of the DC movie heroes in Justice League where she was again a standout character. Unsurprisingly, fans of Gadot's take on the character are looking forward to the Wonder Woman sequel, which will hit theaters late next year; the Wonder Woman sequel was officially announced at Comic-Con last year. The film, titled Wonder Woman 1984, started filming earlier this summer and fans have already gotten glimpses of Diana's return. Now at Comic-Con 2018, Warner Bros. unveiled the very first footage from Wonder Woman 2 and it confirms how Diana's costume is different.

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According to descriptions of the Wonder Woman 1984 footage out of Hall H, the costume Diana wears in the sequel is much brighter than what we've seen her wear before. Per Screen Rant's own Andrew Dyce, "It looks like an '80s Wonder Woman suit." The general consensus out of Hall H is that Wonder Woman's new suit will be more vibrant and colorful than her costumes in Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman or Justice League, though it's unclear what - if anything - other than the coloring is different.

Of course, Wonder Woman getting a new costume, even if it's only a slightly brighter version of the previous costume, comes as little surprise. Superhero franchises generally try to update the characters' suits in each installment to keep things fresh - and to sell more merchandise. For every new suit, there's a whole line of new toys, figures and other merchandise that can be sold. Plus, reports out of the 2018 Licensing Expo earlier this year previously revealed Wonder Woman would get a new costume in the character's sequel.

That new costume was on display in the first look photo of Wonder Woman in 1984, but with the lighting and background, it was difficult to discern whether her costume was truly brighter or if it was just the environment in which she was photographed. Now, although the footage from Wonder Woman 1984 won't be released to the public, and it's sure to be quite a while before Warner Bros. releases the film's first trailer, we can at least confirm Diana Prince will sport an '80s-inspired, brighter costume. And, given what has been released for the film thus far, it looks to be in line with the costume from Wonder Woman, which bodes well for Wonder Woman 1984.

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