Wonder Woman 2 Gives Gal Gadot's Diana Prince a New Costume

Gal Gadot is getting a new costume in Wonder Woman 2. Amid the controversial films the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe has produced over the last few years, the lone exception has been Wonder Woman. Gadot starred in the film following a scene-stealing role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Under the guidance of Patty Jenkins, they were able to turn the solo movie into the franchise's best movie thus far.

The first movie's success gave the studio the confidence to move up the time table for the sequel, with a release date already slated for next November. Wonder Woman 2 moves Diana's story up a few decades, but they're still keeping her solo adventures ahead of the team-up films. Diana will now get involved in the Cold War where she'll cross paths with Kristen Wiig's Cheetah. Whatever enemies she comes face to face with next, she'll do so in some brand new garb.

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Warner Bros. took part at the 2018 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas today and presented some new information on Wonder Woman 2 in the process. As shared by Daniel Eliesen, who was in attendance, WB showed off concept art for the sequel. Since it's a licensing show, no photos were allowed to be taken, but Eliesen provided a description of what he saw, saying: "Cheetah was literally a tease image based on what they want it to look like. Hard to explain but probably what you think, for WW it’s a battle gear, pretty cool."

Studios routinely switch up the costumes in these types of movies because it allows them to create and sell new merchandise, while also giving their characters a sense of development beyond their stories. With that in mind, Diana was extremely likely to receive some alterations to her costume in Wonder Woman 2, but it is now confirmed. The description of it being similar to battle gear only further shows that the god-killer will be facing even tougher foes this time around. Thanks to the backdrop of the '80s, Diana is sure to get involved in the Cold War, and it may not hurt to have a bit of extra protection when facing off against Cheetah.

The one aspect of this that could be the most intriguing is what happens to the battle gear after the sequel. The costume she wore in the 1910s, in Wonder Woman, is the exact same one she wears in both BvS and Justice League decades later. If Diana does receive this battle gear in the sequel, then it will be interesting to see how they explain where it goes or why she hasn't used it since. With the expo set to continue the rest of the week, perhaps WB will release the design in the coming days or wait until San Diego Comic-Con to show it off. Jenkins did say that Wonder Woman 2 production starts soon, fans could get the first look at Diana's new costume courtesy of some set photos.

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Source: Daniel Eliesen

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