Wonder Woman 2: Chris Pine Reportedly Spotted On Set

Chris Pine may have been seen on the set of Wonder Woman 2. Warner Bros. hasn't had the easiest time getting the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe going, but it is no question that Wonder Woman was the movie everyone needed. Director Patty Jenkins was freed of most continuity by telling the origin of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman during World War I. That decision gave them the opportunity to introduce several new characters, including Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

The chemistry between Pine and Gadot was one of Wonder Woman's biggest strengths, which only made his sacrifice at the end that much more impactful. However, as Screen Rant first reported, the sequel was looking for a way to bring Pine back for Wonder Woman 2. It wasn't clear how the sequel could do it, but it appears it is happening.

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Byron Del Pozo shared some photos and a video on Instagram that reportedly put Chris Pine on the actual set of Wonder Woman 2. We are only saying reportedly as the photos and video are taken from a distance, so it is difficult to say with certainty that this actually is Pine. However, the audio and the caption say that this is Pine and Pozo says in the comments Gadot was there too. What is clear is that there is a trailer in the Landmark Mall parking lot in Alexandria, Virginia, which Washington Business Journal previously revealed would be a filming location.

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Pine's return has yet to be explained, but there have been several theories about how he could return. The biggest hurdle is Wonder Woman 2's 1980s setting, which Screen Rant also first broke. Steve Trevor appeared to have died in the 1940s, so if he miraculously survived somehow, then Pine will be getting the old man treatment. This scenario would be very similar to Hayley Atwell reprising her role as Peggy Carter for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Or, Pine could return as a descendant of Steve Trevor. He could also return in a simpler form through dreams. It is possible Wonder Woman 2 could resurrect him entirely, but that could wipe away the first film's emotional ending. The one scenario that is likely off the board is flashbacks since Wonder Woman featured Steve and Diana's entire relationship.

While we wait to get more details on Pine's return and the sequel in general, this also means that production is officially underway on Wonder Woman 2. Patty Jenkins previously said that it was going to start filming "shockingly soon" and this would certainly line up with that statement. More set photos and videos may be what fans have to rely on to get more updates on the sequel since it doesn't hit theaters for well over a year. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see how they explain Pine's return and how it factors into the story.

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Sources: Bryon Del Pozo, Washington Business Journal

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