Wonder Woman 2: Sarah Paulson Interested in Playing Cheetah

As the DCEU hopes to somehow redeem itself with Wonder Woman 2, it sounds like American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson is interested in playing the movie's possible villain, Cheetah.

Patty Jenkins flew an invisible jet of glory against the stark darkness of the DCEU when she brought Diana Prince to our screens for her first ever theatrical release. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman's record-breaking success in 2017, Jenkins is back with Gal Gadot in tow for Wonder Woman 2. While the first movie featured Diana battling the Greek god of War in World War II, the current storyline for the sequel is being kept under wraps.

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Looking back at the long history of Wonder Woman's villains, many have called for the iconic Cheetah to make her debut in Wonder Woman 2. In a recent tweet, one fan suggested that Jenkins cast Paulson as Diana's friend/foe, and the 43-year-old responded to express her interest:

Whether Wonder Woman 2 decides to stick with its wartime timeline or continue with Prince's current run in the modern age, Cheetah could easily fit the bill. Also, as effectively a dark version of Diana, Cheetah would represent an interesting dynamic with two extremely powerful women. There have been four official versions of the character since debuting in 1943, but the best-known is probably the current iteration - Barbara Ann Minerva. As a British archaeologist, Minerva found herself transformed into a human-cheetah hybrid by the ancient plant god Urzkartaga. However, with the DCEU known for changing up its origin stories, it could do whatever it wants with Cheetah.

Of course, Jenkins could stick with the theme of gods to have Diana and the Amazons fight the likes of Hades, but Cheetah seems like a much more popular choice among fandom. Given that Wonder Woman's cavalcade of villains is reasonably small, it is expected that Cheetah will be making an appearance at some point in the character's history, so it is likely a case of when - not if. Also, thanks to her impressive performances on American Horror Story, Paulson would make an almost perfect casting as any of the women to wear the Cheetah mantle.

With the whole DCEU in flux after the critical and commercial panning of Justice League, who knows where the comic book world currently stands. That being said, in a landscape of disappointing movies, Wonder Woman easily leads the studio's pack and is almost certain not to budge from its slated 2019 release. With Cheetah held by some as Wonder Woman's greatest enemy, it could be time for fandom to shout come on Sarah, get your claws out!

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