Wonder Woman 1984 Details Reportedly Reveal How Steve Trevor Returns

New details for Wonder Woman 1984 may reveal how Steve Trevor returns from the dead. One of the highlights from Wonder Woman was the relationship between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. The general story helped make this possible, but it was the chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine that made audiences buy their love. That is what made the finale to Wonder Woman all the more heartbreaking, as Steve sacrificed himself in the film's final moments. This act was put into question when Screen Rant originally revealed that Pine was returning for the sequel, which Patty Jenkins confirmed on the first day of production.

With Steve back for Diana's next adventure (one that takes place decades after the first film), many have wondered how this is possible. Previous reports claimed this is indeed the original Steve Trevor, so this isn't a scenario where Pine plays his own grandson, for instance. If this new report is true, then it's possible fans may now know how he returns from the grave.

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SuperBroMovies once again reports that Pedro Pascal's character will be a god in disguise, but the outlet now claims the human version of Pascal's character makes a deal with Diana: she will do his bidding and he'll bring Steve back to life as a result. This is just a rumor, for the time being, so take these details with a pinch of salt until if and when they're confirmed.

If this report is indeed true, then Diana is going to be playing a dangerous game. While it's understandable that she may want Steve back, making a deal with a mysterious god isn't the smartest option. Whoever Pascal is playing will hold all of the cards, forcing Diana to obey his commands or risk losing Steve all over again. It would be rather surprising if Patty Jenkins decided to bring Steve back into Diana's life only to remove him again, but that could very well be the direction Wonder Woman 1984's story is heading in.

Potentially seeing Diana lose Steve again isn't the only similarity this plot holds to Wonder Woman, as the first film also had a god in disguise. In that case, it was Ares hiding among humans before revealing himself to Diana during the film's climactic final battle. Due to this reported connection with Steve and being able to bring him back from the dead, there are two most likely candidates for Pascal's character. Hades is the ruler of the underworld and the dead, so he would have the power to bring Steve back to life for a price. The other possibility may be Hades' aide, Hermes, who guides souls into the afterlife. He could've held on to Steve's soul for all these years only to offer it up to Diana at the perfect moment to benefit his own plans. Whoever Pascal is, he is reportedly responsible for Steve's resurrection, so, hopefully, this is the best option for Wonder Woman 1984 and its story.

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Source: SuperBroMovies

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