How Wonder Woman 1984's Steve & Diana Dynamic Is Different

The dynamic between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince charmed fans in Wonder Woman's cinematic debut, but the dynamic between the two characters will be different in the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. There's a lot that still has to be revealed about the specifics of Steve Trevor's return. The character, played by Chris Pine, tragically sacrificed himself at the close of 2017's Wonder Woman, which was set in World War I. Somehow though, Pine is back and not looking like a day has past even though Wonder Woman 1984 is set several decades after the first movie.

Steve Trevor's apparent resurrection also calls into question a lot of Wonder Woman's modern day appearances in the DCEU. In Batman v. Superman and Justice League, particularly the latter, Wonder Woman is shown to still be mourning the loss of Steve Trevor. Evidently though, Steve will be just as confused about his rebirth in Wonder Woman 1984 as the fans.

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Variety spoke with Pine and Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins for their latest project, the TV mini-series I Am the Night. During the course of discussion the subject did change to Wonder Woman 1984. Pine and Jenkins didn't explain much about the film, which has been pushed back for a 2020 release. Pine did reveal a little bit about his role in the sequel explaining: "This one is a little different for me tonally. The tables are turned, and I’m more of the deer in the headlights."

While 2017's Wonder Woman is very much the origin story of its leading lady, Steve Trevor does have quite a prominent role. It's Steve washing up on the shores of Wonder Woman's home and informing her about the Great War that drives the plot. It's also Steve Trevor who helps Wonder Woman integrate into society as she has no idea what the world is like outside her isolated home island of Themyscira. According to Pine, the sequel might present the opposite scenario where Diana has to help Steve adjust to a new world.

On the face of it, that reveal seems to confirm Steve Trevor, the real Steve Trevor, will be resurrected by some mysterious means in Wonder Woman 1984. Steve may be a "deer in the headlights" not only because his last memory is probably sacrificing himself in a fiery plane crash but because America in 1984 is a whole lot different from England during the final days of World War I. An unconfirmed rumor about Wonder Woman 1984 is circulating that Pedro Pascal's character is a god in disguise who brings Steve Trevor back to life as a part of a bargain with the superheroine.

There are other ways for Pine's Wonder Woman 1984 character to be a fish out of water, though, that doesn't have to do with godly resurrection. Screen Rant's own theory of Pine's return proposed he could playing be a descendant of Steve Trevor. The new character could be a grandson or even grandnephew of Trevor that looks remarkably similar to Wonder Woman's great love. It's a trick that was already employed in Wonder Woman canon for the late 70s TV show with Lynda Carter. The same actor (Lyle Waggoner) played Steve Trevor Sr. and Steve Trevor Jr. in two different eras. There's also the possibility that Trevor's resurrection is a trick. Pine could be playing someone who believes himself to be Steve Trevor but is just pawn of the gods or he's a god in disguise himself. Cheetah will be in Wonder Woman 1984 as she's presumably the main villain. However the original Wonder Woman had Doctor Poison and General Ludendorff as the public villains with Ares being the secret threat. An evil Steve Trevor would really "turn the tables" on Wonder Woman and the audience.

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Source: Variety