Robin Wright Reportedly Reprises Antiope in Wonder Woman 2 Flashback Scene

Actress Robin Wright will reportedly reprise her role of Antiope in Wonder Woman 1984, in a scene also featuring Connie Nielsen's Queen Hippolyta. Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman introduced a beautiful new element of mythology into the unofficially-titled DCEU, welcoming viewers to the paradisiacal island of Themyscira and opening up yet another corner of the DC universe for the big screen.

The island was envisioned as a gift from the gods, and so the Amazons didn't cut into the stone. Instead, they used an open cave; they lived with nature, appropriating its gifts but treating it with respect and honor. So much thought was put into every element of the set design and costuming of the Amazons, but, sadly, it had generally been assumed the DCEU wouldn't revisit it for quite some time. After all, Diana left her home, and she didn't expect to return.

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According to Net-A-PorterWonder Woman 1984 will feature a flashback scene to Themyscira, involving two of the most important people in Diana's life: her mother and Antiope, the Themysciran general who secretly trained and transformed Diana into a warrior goddess. According to the outlet, the flashback scene will be shot later this year.

It's possible this flashback sequence will explore one of the more subtle themes in Wonder Woman; the idea that the Amazons had lost their way, and that Diana came to personify Zeus's intention for the entire Amazon race. The first film established that Zeus created the Amazons to fight for peace, but after an experience of slavery, they retreated to their mythical island. Although they trained in the ways of war, they only aimed to deploy their skills defensively, and they allowed Ares to hold sway over the rest of humanity.

It's notable that Hippolyta didn't want Diana to be trained at all, even though she alone possessed the power to slay Ares. But Diana was stubborn, and Antiope trained her anyway - initially against Hippolyta's instructions. When Diana heard of the Great War, she couldn't help but intervene; as she asked her mother, "If I stay, who would I be?" Though the future superhero didn't realize it, her words cut to the heart of the entire Amazon race, implicitly critiquing her people who would simply stand by as the world of man burned to the ground.

Precious little is known about Wonder Woman 1984 to date, but it's interesting to learn that a flashback scene will be part of the plot. That may well mean that the threats Diana is facing have some hidden tie to the history of the Amazon race. Perhaps Hippolyta and the Amazons had hidden more from Diana than she ever realized.

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Source: Net-A-Porter

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