Wonder Woman 1984: Pedro Pascal Reportedly Playing Maxwell Lord

Pedro Pascal is reportedly playing Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984. The first Wonder Woman movie broke box office records and solidified Gal Gadot as the face of the DCEU. It came as no surprise that Warner Bros. and DC moved quickly to get a sequel in motion. Gadot returns to star and Patty Jenkins is back to direct after a contract negotiation period helped her get a massive raise and break the glass ceiling. What may have surprised many was Chris Pine's return as Steve Trevor, something Screen Rant first reported on last year.

There has been plenty of debate over how Pine could reprise this role as he appeared to have died at the end of Wonder Woman. Playing his own relative was a popular theory, but this is the original Steve brought back to life. How this comes to be was recently reported to be tied to Pascal's character, who was rumored to be a god in disguise. Well, that doesn't appear to be the case anymore and he's instead playing another major DC villain.

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SuperBroMovies previously were the ones to share details on Pascal's character's involvement in Steve's resurrection, and they've now returned with an update and some clarification. They're reporting that Pascal will be playing Maxwell Lord, a powerful businessman in the pages of DC comics. Lord is not an undercover god, but this report states that was previously the direction he was going. Instead, he'll be completely ridden of his psychic powers and be driven to become a god himself. He will still reportedly have ties to Greek gods in some way, though.

DC Comics Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord was first introduced in 1987 as someone doing the bidding of a computer created by Metron but later controlled by Kilg%re. He was influential in the formation of the Justice League and even had his eyes set on taking control of the team. He eventually gained powers during the Invasion storyline that allowed him to control the minds of others. During the Infinite Crisis arc, Wonder Woman actually became responsible for snapping Lord's neck (a move familiar to DCEU movies) and ruining her reputation as a hero. His resurrection came as part of the Blackest Night arc and turned him into a Black Lantern. More recently, he's been the leader of the Task Force X subgroup known as Checkmate.

If it isn't clear by now, Lord has had a rather strange story over the last 30 years. Since the businessman angle appears to be what Wonder Woman 1984 is most concerned with, then most of his later adventures likely won't have an influence here. Instead, it points to Jenkins likely having the freedom to make Lord her own and really define who he is in the movie beyond a businessman. The biggest question that remains is how he ties into Steve's resurrection. Without his powers and with only dreams of becoming a god, there isn't much on the surface that he can actually do. But, if Jenkins is taking liberties with Lord's big screen debut, then she can surely find a way to bring him into the mystical side of the universe that will likely be responsible for Steve's second chance at life.

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Source: SuperBroMovies

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