What The Justice League Are Doing During Wonder Woman 1984

Here are the whereabouts of the rest of the Justice League during Wonder Woman 1984. The sequel directed by Patty Jenkins flashes Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) forward 66 years to the Me Decade; the main story of Wonder Woman took place during World War I where the Amazing Amazon saved the world from Ares the God of War (David Thewlis). But despite the huge time jump, Wonder Woman 1984 is still a prequel that occurs 33 years before Diana teams up with the Justice League.

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Except for the Wonder Woman films, the DCEU's timeline more or less syncs with when the films were released but the events happened slightly before the release date, which means that Justice League, which was released on November 2017, occurred in early 2017. Of course, Princess Diana of Themyscira is an immortal demigoddess and she is, by far, the oldest superhero in the DCEU; Diana's parents were Zeus and Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) and she was born in 3000 B.C. on Themyscira. Diana was quite naive and wet behind the ears when she accompanied Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) into Man's World in 1918 and she literally learned on the job in Wonder Woman, but, by Wonder Woman 1984, Diana will have been active for decades - although she has been careful to hide her activities since even Batman (Ben Affleck) had never heard of her before they met in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was set in late 2015.

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So, when Wonder Woman's next movie takes place in 1984, where is the rest of the Justice League? Not surprisingly, half the team has yet to be born, but the 1980s are still a pivotal decade in the origins of the other two superheroes who comprise the Trinity: Superman and Batman. In addition, not long after Wonder Woman 1984, the events that led to the birth of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) are set in motion, as seen in Aquaman's prologue.

Superman Is 4 Years Old And Living In Kent Farm

As seen in Man of Steel, Kal-El was born on Krypton and he was launched into space as an infant soon after he became the first natural birth on his doomed planet in centuries. Kal-El's rocket crashed in Smallville, Kansas, in June 1980, which means that the child now named Clark Kent is only 4 years old during the events of Wonder Woman 1984. At this point in young Clark's life, he's being raised and cared for by his loving foster parents, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane).

In 1984, Clark has been soaking up the sun's radiation for four years but his superpowers likely haven't manifested yet. Man of Steel established that Clark was 9 years old when his Super Hearing kicked in and he caused a commotion at school that led his teachers to call in Martha to calm Clark down. There may have been other incidents before or after this, and it's not clear when the other kids in Smallville started bullying Clark for being "different", but the next major display of Clark's powers wouldn't occur until he was 13 in 1993. This was when their school bus drove off a bridge into a river and Clark used his Super Strength to push the bus onto the riverbank and save everyone aboard. Otherwise, it's safe to assume Clark was happily playing with his dog in the yard and wearing his red blanket as a cape during Wonder Woman 1984.

Batman Is 11 Years Old And Already Orphaned

In 1984, Thomas (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Martha Wayne (Lauren Cohan) are already dead, leaving 11-year-old Bruce Wayne orphaned. The Waynes were shot and killed by Joe Chill outside the Aragon Theatre, which was showing The Mark of Zorro (and Excalibur), in 1981. Bruce Wayne is canonically 8 years old (born in 1972) when his parents were murdered, so he is about 11 during the events of Wonder Woman 1984. At this point, young Bruce is living in Wayne Manor, which has not yet fallen into its dilapidated state, and he's being cared for by the Waynes' butler Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons). Bruce is still roughly a decade away from pursuing the training he needs to eventually become Batman. (Note that Joker also takes place in 1981 but in an alternate reality unrelated to the DCEU.)

As Batman v Superman's prologue established, young Bruce ran away during his parents' funeral in 1981 and fell through the ground, landing in the caverns underneath his estate. There, he was terrified by the swarms of bats that would inspire him to one day use that same fear to battle criminals in Gotham. Considering how prominent the Waynes were, their murder would likely have been international news so it's quite possible that in 1981, Diana Prince would have heard that Gotham's wealthiest family was killed by a mugger and their only son was orphaned. But Diana could not have dreamed that she'd one day team up with Bruce Wayne over thirty years later to save the world from Steppenwolf alongside the Justice League. Alternately, since Bruce said he'd never heard of Diana before Batman v Superman, whatever she does in Wonder Woman 1984 totally escapes 11-year-old Bruce Wayne's attention.

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Aquaman, Flash, And Cyborg Aren't Born Yet

The two youngest members of the Justice League - Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and the Flash (Ezra Miller) - were definitely not born yet in 1984. Barry Allen won't be born until 1992 in Central City and the pivotal moment of Barry's life, when his father Henry Allen (Billy Crudup) is imprisoned for the murder of his mother Nora, won't happen until 2001. Alternately, Victor Stone, the future Cyborg, will be born in Gotham City a decade after Wonder Woman 1984, in June 1994, and the accident that mutilated most of his body, which led his STAR Labs scientist father Silas Stone (Joe Morton) to use a Mother Box to turn Victor into Cyborg, won't happen until he's in his early twenties.

However, a year after Wonder Woman 1984, Aquaman's origin story kicks off: In 1985, Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) escapes from Atlantis rather than marry King Orvax and she washes up outside the lighthouse of Thomas Curry (Temura Morrison) in Amnesty Bay, Maine. They fall in love and a year later, their son Arthur - her firstborn and the rightful future King of Atlantis - is born. A few years after that, Atlantean soldiers track Atlanna and attack her at the lighthouse; she fights them off but decides to return to Atlantis in order to protect her new family. Arthur's training with Vulko (Willem Dafoe) wouldn't begin until he was 13, in 1998. Whether Diana Prince becomes aware of any of this during her travels after Wonder Woman 1984 is unknown, but as an Amazon, Wonder Woman definitely knows that Atlantis exists.

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